Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blogging Worldwide Blogs Part 5

Installment 5 coming at you! 
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Blog Name & URL: The Fashion Harvest -
Your Name: Faye H
City and State/Country: Birmingham,  England
Short Description Of Your Blog:a fashion blog featuring my vintage/charity shop finds and how i've 'upcycled' them to make them wearable today.

Blog Name & URL: Project Lorna
Your Name: Lorna
City and State/Country: London, UK
Short Description Of Your Blog: Project Lorna is my little place on the internet. I blog about what I do and what I like. I like a lot of things so it'd hard to narrow it down but I love my dog, making things and setting up a home and a life in the city of London.

Blog Name & URL: Life Afloat on Lucky Duck (

Your Name: Amy
City and State/Country: Cambridge, UK
Short Description Of Your Blog: The story of a couple and their cat who live aboard a 48ft narrowboat on the rivers and canals of England. Find out about our idyllic, alternative way of life as we watch the swans glide by. As well as boating, we enjoy thrifting, cooking, a bit of DIY and keeping fit.

Blog Name & URL: Sink or Swim: Life Across the Pond
Your Name: Monica Glasscock
City and State/Country: London, England

Short Description Of Your Blog: Sink or Swim is dedicated to recording my journey through grad school in London, England. This is the first time I have ever left the country and I will be living on my own in London. I will be documenting the journey with blog posts and plenty of photography. Aside from recording my stay in London I am also interested in art, music, coffee, tea, thrifting, culture, food, going for walks, spending time outside, buddhism and learning about nearly anything! My blog is safe for work also.

Blog Name & URL: gingerbread house
Your Name: Jenny Kearney 
City and State/Country: London, United Kingdom
Short Description Of Your Blog:
I’ve been blogging since 2005 and the gingerbread house is the place where I write about my life - married and mum to a toddler and bump. I love baking cakes, sewing and thrifting.

Blog Name & URL: Moving Stars to Pity

Your Name: Ana Amaral
City and State/Country: Brighton, England
Short Description Of Your Blog:
A blog about nothing and everything, with lots of recipes (I love baking), musings, happenings and more.

Your Name: Imy Callaway
City and State/Country: Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom, Europe
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is about all things from Filofaxes, Stationary, My personal medical story, Fashion & beauty (but not often), Fun, Adventures just generally all the different things I do. I like to try and do a post 3 or more times a week, and I'm always open to ideas! One of my main passions to talk about is Filofaxes and Stationary and organising things, I have a weekly subject called Filofax College, which it to help people gather with organising Filofaxes!

Blog Name & URL: Sunny Sweet Pea -
Your Name: Jenny
City and State/Country: Norwich, England
Short Description of Your Blog: My blog is my own little virtual spare where I write about my ever day life - the movies I watch, the books I read, the things I make, and my love of all things vintage. I have have a soft spot for owls, deer, mushrooms, and Matryoshka dolls!

Blog Name & URL: Another Diamond Day
Your Name: Giulia
City and State/Country: London (UK)
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm Giulia, I'm Italian and I live in London, UK. I have started blogging a few months ago and I'm loving it! I love to be in touch with people from all over the world, share my experience and get inspired by others. I wrote about my everyday life, my travelings (I've just been to Iceland), my passion for cooking, good music and art. 

Blog Name & URL: A Little Ones Adventures -
Your Name: Becky Conroy
City and State/Country: Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK
Short Description Of Your Blog:  My blog is a general lifestyle blog.  A collection of random thoughts, adventures and finding out life's little pleasures. Which I hope will bring a little happiness into peoples lives.
Blog Name & URL: CreateMakeBake
Your Name: Zoe
City and State/Country: Westcliff-on-Sea, England
Short Description Of Your Blog: My take on the world as a crafty mum of 2, living in England and sharing Pretty Pictures and Crafty goodness with a hint of vintage and alternative styling, plus Tattoos and a tiny bit of fashion thrown into the mix!

Blog Name & URL: Vintage Jelly
Your Name: Linzi Brooks
City and State/Country: Berkshire, England, UK
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is the ramblings of a thrifty homemaker learning the lessons of the past. I am trying to live a simpler life to nourish my children and work towards our dream of buying a home of our own. I blog about thrifting, sewing, knitting, crochet, vintage finds, make do and mend, how to watch your pennies, my love of posh tea and cake, the importance of play and growing our own!

Blog Name & URL: Rusty Mirror
City and State/Country: London, England and/or Dublin, Ireland
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is basically a collection of the beautiful fashion-related bits and pieces I find all over the internet :) 

Blog Name & URL: Art Blog you can find it at

Your Name: Hannah Bussell
City and State/Country: Guildford, England 
Short Description Of Your Blog:
My blog predominantly focuses on Art and lifestyle, so I blog about my own Art and photography as well as show off other cool art that I find to use as artistic inspiration. I also blog about fashion and show lots of photos of what I get up to and the places I go.

Blog Name & URL: Stories Of A Sunday Girl,
Your Name: Stephanie
City and State/Country: Manchester, England, UK
Short Description Of Your Blog:
Hi, I'm Stephanie, I like fun fashion, baking, making, home décor, clever gadgets, colour and custard. My blog is a place where I write about anything and everything. There is no real theme other than things I like, things I make, things I do.

Blog Name & URL: Art Blog.
Your Name: Rebecca J
City and State/Country: Surrey, England
Short Description Of Your Blog: A little bit of everything (art, photography, fashion, food, music) from a 17 year old aspiring illustrator

Blog Name & URL: Happy Adventures -

Your Name: Claire Keith
City and State/Country: Cotswolds, England or / Edinburgh, Scotland -depending whether I'm at uni or home
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm just writing about my everyday adventures with my friends and family. Blog may also include random things I like/want or funny things I find on the internet. I spent last year studying in Australia so may also be reminiscing about that occasionally.

Blog Name & URL: Nadiine-x //

Your Name: Nadine-Adele
City and State/Country: Sheffield/Northampton, United Kingdom
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is a mix of all sorts! I post all about life, fashion, arts and crafts, tips and tricks and inspiration. I love participating in projects, guest posts and host giveaways so expect plenty of them on my blog. As my uni life is fastly coming to an end, follow me into what i'm going to do next as I look for inspiration and tackle this big world one step at a time!

Blog name & URL: i am the chaser -
Your name: Emma
City and State/Country: Southampton, UK
Short description of your blog: A general lifestyle blog, featuring a newly graduated girl's attempts to settle into living with her boyfriend in a new city, find herself a job, and generally figure out what she wants to do with her life! Come along for the ride; you never know, it might be interesting.

Blog Name & URL: Noas'Libellule Inspirations for Handmade
Your Name: Na aka Noas'Libellule
City and State/Country: UK
Short Description Of Your Blog:

A City girl's diary of what inspires me, mostly about buying stuff and making stuff - for me and for others. I am looking at trends, what I could buy no matter what the budget is (I don't always want the most expensive item!), share the best DIY projects on the web and sometimes make thing myself! You will find fashion items as well as ideas for interiors and sometimes pictures and humour reflecting my mood of the day. 

Blog Name & URL: I knit, and Sew What?

Your Name: Popbabe7
City and State/Country: Wales, United Kingdom
Short Description Of Your Blog:
This is a little blog about the things I like in life: Crafts, Food, Music, Cinema, Fashion and so on. Follow me on my fittingly-named challenge "A Project A Week" where I'll try to craft a different garment every week this year using my current stash.

Blog Name & URL: MessyLa
Your Name: La
City and State/Country: Glasgow, Scotland. United Kingdom.
Short Description Of Your Blog: Hi! I'm La. I run a small business where I sell handmade cards and gifts for you and your loved ones. I love cats, creating, shoes, rain, cupcakes and twiglets. La xo


Blog Name & URL: All of the Animals,
Your Name: Dewi Heijnes
City and State/Country: Diemen (near Amsterdam), Netherlands
Short Description Of Your Blog: I write about things I like and love: music, nature,
travelling, cute things, books, animals, and lots of other things! I've recently started to make notebooks, so my new designs will appear on my blog too!

Blog Name & URL: Liefgeval - (or
Your Name: Nikki
City and State/Country: Netherlands, Europe
Short Description Of Your Blog: A blog about life, love, adventures, photography,
creativity thrifting and more :)!

Blog Name & URL:
Your Name: Stéphanie
City and State/Country: Arnhem, Netherlands (but moving to Ireland next summer)
Short Description Of Your Blog: The blog of an creative Celtic student, who takes too much photo’s, loves to write and is addicted to notebooks.

Blog Name & URL: Deligted,
Your Name: Femke
City and State/Country: The Hague, The Netherlands
Short Description Of Your Blog: blogging about movies, music, books and lifestyle. I don't fit in a niche, and I like it!


Blog Name & URL: The Sweet and Lovely;
Your Name: Melanie Helmstetter, preferably Mel :)
City and State/Country: Dortmund, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany
Short Description Of Your Blog: 
The Sweet and Lovely is a place to keep track of my life. I'm an american girl living in germany and it's all about family, friends, craft obsessions, cooking, and getting my small business started. 

Blog Name & URL: coffeerocketfairytale
Your Name: Sabrina
City and State/Country: Germany 
Short Description Of Your Blog: A lifestyle blog about all things that make life sweeter, nicer and more creative and individual!


Blog Name & URL: Bij Gebrek Aan Beter &
Your Name: Elisse
City and State/Country: Antwerp, BELGIUM
Short Description Of Your Blog: I write about things that inspire me. I take photographs and write poems. I enjoy spending time behind Josefien, my sewing machine (that rhymes). I try to make an adventure of every new day.


Blog Name & URL: A cherry-red glimpse -
Your Name: Silvia Rondelli
City and State/Country: Spilamberto (Mo) - Italy
Short Description Of Your Blog:
Just a pinkish space in wich i share the ordinary things that make me extraordinarily happy. From concerts to my flowery skirts.


Blog Name & URL: It Must Be (So)...Liberating -
Your Name: Luisa
City and State/Country: Madris / Spain
Short Description Of Your Blog: About life in general.


Blog name & URL: Stripes everywhere & 
Your Name: Isla
City and State/Country: Tampere & Finland 
Sort Description Of Your Blog: I'm Isla, a new blogger from Finland. My blog is a journal of lovely things that makes me smile.


Blog Name & URL: Ohmahgad Jesus is playin´  at 
Your Name: Caroline Areskoug
City and State/Country: city: Kävlinge State: Skane Country: Sweden
Short Description Of Your Blog: Swedish mid-twenties girl trying to learn sewing while being occupied by boyfriend, cutest kitty, traveling, homey-stuff and about everything else. follow my journey!


Blog  Name & URL: Baby in Bulgaria -
Your Name: Lauren
City and State/Country: Sofia, Bulgaria
Short Description Of Your Blog: Hi, I'm Lauren, an American expat and new momma living in Europe with my husband and our infant daughter. Baby in Bulgaria is many things- baby blog, mom blog, travel blog, & expat blog all rolled into one. I take lots of photos and write about our adventures, stop by and say HI!


Blog Name & URL: Drawing Dreaming -
Your Name: Ester Durães
City and State/Country: Lisbon, Portugal
Short Description Of Your Blog: The live of an 18 year-old portuguese girl born in France who loves drawing, fashion and all kinds of Art.


Your Name: Brianne
City and State/Country: Vienna, Austria and Indianpolis, Indiana, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Avid Blogger on today's hot topics, vintage entries, my personal life, the idea of doing the job as a mother, and tattoos. My native language is American Sign Language. You will be looking at a lot of signed vlogs, so prepare to learn some sign language! I love in two locations: Right at this moment, I'm in Vienna with my boyfriend and our little gem.

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