Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogging Worldwide Blogs Part 1

After a month of collecting blogs for this-- the time has come to post them all! Thank you so much to everyone that submitted their blogs. I can't wait to share all of your great blogs through-out this week, and I hope in turn you all discover a new blog or two [or 40].

I had so much fun with this--would you guys be interested in me doing this again in the future?


Blog Name & URL: that's mellifluous!  thatsmellifluous.blogspot.com
Your Name: Allison
City and State/Country: Birmingham, AL USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: a blog about crafts, vegetarian food, style, my cat and other random thoughts and ideas that pop up.
Blog Name & URL: Stories at my fingertips/www.storiesatmyfingertips.com
Your Name: Michele Lee
City and State/Country: Birmingham, AL
Short Description Of Your Blog: "Welcome to my little world, where I share my love for telling my stories, adventures, learning, art, music, writing, fashion, food, inspiration, and you know...the usual."

Blog Name & URL: lala faux bois   http://lalafauxbois.com/blog/
Your Name: Lisa
City and State/Country: Tempe, Arizona USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: lala faux bois is the story about a girl obsessed with traveling, vintage, and making stuff!

Blog Name & URL:  Word Doodles  http://kayliemarissa.blogspot.com/
Your Name:  Kaylie
City and State/Country:  Mesa, Arizona
Short Description Of Your Blog:  Word Doodles is a blog full of random thoughts and crafty adventures.  It's also where I like to share cute finds, personal outfits, travel photos, and stories about the next chapter in my life--moving away to Portland, Oregon for college!

Blog Name & URL: Seafoam Eyes  http://leamourdechocolat.blogspot.com
Your Name: Amy
City and State/Country: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: The adventures of a soon to be twenty-something-er.  Thrifting, doodling, snail mail sending, and paper crane folding her way through life. She wants to be fluent in Japanese, teaches the occasional ballet class, and wants to be a certified yoga instructor.  This is her blog.
Blog Name & URL:  LBDDiaries – http://www.lbddiaries.com/blog 
Your Name:  Nan Loyd
City and State/Country: Hartman AR/USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  About my love affair with Alpha Hubby and the journey back into my Little Black Dress(es)!

Blog Name & URL: a la mode - www.seduisante.blogspot.com
Your Name: Kelsi
City and State/Country: Bentonville, Arkansas
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm a 22 year old journalism student living in the south. This blog is about life, love, and the things that make me happy: family, cooking, traveling, fashion, writing, reading, coffee, pretty things.

Blog Name & URL: Let It Be Raw Photography http://letitberawphotography.blogspot.com/ 
Your Name: Kiley Melicker
City and State/Country: San Jose, California USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: The Let It Be Raw Photography blog started out as a way to organize Kiley's personal photography, then became an open discussion about the connections between photography, art, and life. With film as her medium and interpretation of life, Kiley is perusing this love affair with photography as a career. When not writing about photography, Kiley likes to share her love for mushrooms, cats, herbs, literature, cacti, whiskey, and writing.

Blog Name & URL: My blog name is The Little Willow, although I sometimes call it Dear Little Willow. You can find it at  http://www.TheLittleWillow.blogspot.com .
Your Name: Linda F.
City and State/Country: I alternate between the suburbs of San Francisco (during the summer) and LA (during the school year!). If you can't tell, I live in California and love it!
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm a college student who loves anything vintage, especially things based in the '60s. I recently opened an Etsy store, since I've always enjoyed trying out various forms of art (from painting to crocheting to acting). My blog is a mixed bag that includes music I love, Weekly Positivity, Art history snippets, DIYs, little pieces of my day, and much more. I joined "blogging worldwide" because I've come across so many great blogs that I'd love to talk to some of you lovely crafting ladies and make friends!

Blog Name & URL: Quills and Quilts http://www.quillsandquilts.blogspot.com/
Your Name: Amy Reynolds
City and State/Country: Westminster, CA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  Quilting, Family, Disneyland, Friends, Reading, Cooking, Pets, Crochet, School, Teaching….I started my blog to make sure I balance all the things that consume my time.  My family says that in my world, everything is either the best thing in the world or the worst thing in the world.  There is no middle.  I think that my blog reflects that philosophy.
Blog Name & URL: petite insanities http://petiteinsanities.blogspot.com/
Your Name: Sécia
City and State/Country: Los Angeles, California USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: My name is Sécia and I live in a little, old house in the city of angels surrounded by palm trees, movie stars and congested freeways. I love writing, taking photographs, using my KitchenAid mixer and zombies. Petite Insanities is my little corner of complete randomness in the blog universe. Stop by anytime and make sure to say hello!

Blog Name & URL: http://freebirdtrain.blogspot.com/
Your Name: Mila
City and State/Country: San Bernardino, California
Short Description Of Your Blog: My name is Mila, I'm from sunny southern California and I'm just trying to find my passion in the world.
Blog Name & URL: Summer & Longer - www.summerandlonger.wordpress.com
Your Name: Justine
City and State/Country: Monterey, CA, United States
Short Description Of Your Blog: Personal. Kind of just starting out. Trying to do new things/be better while living 450 miles away from everything that used to be my life.

Blog Name & URL: Goat Notes Blog: http://goat-notes.blogspot.com/
Your Name: Julia Linsteadt
City and State/Country: Lafayette/ CA/USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: We like to live life intentionally around here; spending as much time outdoors, learning to be more self-sufficient and self-sustaining, making the most of second-hand finds and taking in everything the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.

Blog Name & URL: Is As If [http://isasif.blogspot.com/]
Your Name: Laura
City and State/Country: San Diego, CA, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Hello! I'm Laura and I'm a student in sunny San Diego.  Is As If is all about my crafts, photography, and life.  I love crocheting, papercraft, sewing, and especially DIY on the cheap.

Blog Name & URL: Tera Sue (www.terasue.com) 
Your Name: Tera Heater
City and State/Country: Burbank, CA US
Short Description Of Your Blog: I love writing about crafts and art I'm working on, outings with my boyfriend, or things I bake. I mostly write about silly things and have no problem sharing failed projects and unflattering photos, but I also talk about some serious things with my "Better me from A to Z" feature.
Blog Name & URL: manzanita  http://www.rebeccacaridadblog.blogspot.com/ 
Your Name: Rebecca Caridad
City and State/Country: Boulder, CO, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: manzanita is a lifestyle blog where I write about everything that I love! Here you will see what is new in my etsy shop and see constant photography of my family and passions! So excited to be included in this blogging world wide feature:)

Blog Name & URL:  Rileys-Smile, http://rileys-smile.blogspot.com/
Your Name: Stacie
City and State/Country: Bonita Springs, FL/United States
Short Description Of Your Blog: Special Needs is difficult to understand from the inside and the outside. This blog will share our experience in hopes that others may benefit from our journey.

Blog Name & URL: Cup 'a Hot Chocolate- www.cupahotchocolate.blogspot.com
Your Name: Krystina 
City and State/Country: Orlando, Fl, USA... But really Disney World, Fl, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is a conglomeration of cooking, crafting, styling, and not so graceful living as a 20something domestic goddess wannabe. It follows my life as I try to balance living with my boyfriend and being a full time Disney performer. Everything from "how-to's" to receipes to work to pretending to spend the money I don't make- Cup 'a Hot Chocolate just let's me and my readers take a "le sigh" as I say and laugh along as I try to figure out this thing called life.

Blog Name & URL:  In Pursuit of a Hidden Artist http://whateverzentangles.blogspot.com/
Your Name:  Julie (O-kami)
City and State/Country:  Parrish, FL  USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  This blog is really a journal of my journey into the world of art. I have no formal art training and have not done much more than doodle since I was a kid.  But I am learning that art is an important aspect that has been missing from my life. 
Thanks to some wonderful extremely artistic friends in the fountain pen world and on Twitter I have begun this journey - thanks, Mia, for insisting that everyone is an artist!

Blog Name & URL:  Whatever http://okami-whatever.blogspot.com
Your Name:  Julie (O-kami)
City and State/Country:  Parrish, FL  USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  Okay, so when I signed up for this thing, they absolutely insisted that I give it a name. I threw my hands in the air and typed "whatever" and that is what it's called. Mostly I plan to review pens, inks and paper; talk about postcards, letter writing and journaling; and, of course, our Akitas and life in general, but you just never know. Like I said..."Whatever!"

Blog Name & URL: This + That, http://milathinksthisthat.blogspot.com
Your Name: Camila Borges
City and State/Country: South Florida/USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Hi all! My name is Camila, but you can call me Mila. I live in South Florida and I love to blog so that I can interact and network with people who have the same interests as me! I live for design but I love to post about my life and day to day thoughts by posting pictures, outfits, ideas that I create. It is so fun to have this be a hobby on the side when my life as an Architecture Intern gets a little stressful.

Blog Name & URL: Belle Adore - http://belleadore.blogspot.com/
Your Name: Christine Klein
City and State/Country: Fort Lauderdale, Florida / United States of America
Short Description Of Your Blog: Belle Adore was established in 2005 by Christine Klein. Christine began sewing and crafting as a young child and was inspired by friends and family who shared a love for creating useful products at home. This blog is a bi-product of her online boutique. Christine uses the blog to share information about the local handmade community, thoughts and ideas, and other crafty adventures.
Blog Name & URL: THE WIRE\CAGES, thewirecages.com
Your Name: Jackie Sanchez
City and State/Country: Miami, Fl/USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: A collection of things I want to buy, social commentary, puppy images, gifs, and personal updates.
Blog Name & URL: Just Because :   http://justbecausebyleelee.blogspot.com/
Your Name: Liliana Juliao
City and State/Country: Miami, FL 
Short Description Of Your Blog:  In my blog, you can find my adventures, trips and inspirations, my love for music and styles. I have a d.i.y section where I share few pretty easy tutorials.  I love to sew, design and sketch.  I have my own handmade business that I wish to expand someday.

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