Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blogging Worldwide Blogs Part 2

All of the blogs from the United States were supposed to be posted yesterday.  Apparently Blogger decided you only needed to see them up to Florida. :\  Luckily, I saved a copy of the entire list and I'm just going to spread the rest out over the next day or two to hopefully prevent that from happening again. hmph

Blogging Worldwide Blogs Part 1

Blog Name & URL: Icky Monster
Your Name: Sara
City and State/Country: Kennesaw & Atlanta Georgia, United States
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm Sara and my blog is all about my life and my army of icky monsters. I'm an adventure loving vegan and a monster drawing dog mommy. Drop by my blog and you'll find my artwork, accounts of my varied adventures, occasional tasty recipes, and plenty of posts about my dog and cat.  Come say hi!

Blog Name & URL: Artistic Traveler
Your Name: Michelle
City and State/Country: Atlanta, GA USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: A blend of posts about my worldly - or backyard! - travels, my artistic creations, and friendly features. Rarely on a soapbox, the blog is meant to focus on the positive aspects of my journey as an artist and avid traveler. I do share interesting shops and websites as I come across them as well.

Blog Name & URL: Flex Family Arts //
Your Name: Amanda
City and State/Country: Atlanta, Georgia/USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Flex Family Arts is the blog home of Amanda and James the wildly in love team behind the Flex Family trio of etsy shops.
 FFA shares new work, giveaways, artist features and snippets of their daily lives together.  Topics include Music, Art, family life, business and more! 

Blog Name & URL: Simply Beautiful-
Your Name: Sandra Kafka
City and State/Country: Boise, Idaho, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog shares pictures of outfits I wore, hair and makeup tips/tutorials, food recipes, a way to style clothing, the clothing I make and a video of a song or dance that I am crushing on. I like to live a simple life, but make sure it is filled with beautiful things, sometimes that just means being out in the middle of the woods and others it is how to get all fancy dresses up. I am a professional hair stylist and MAC makeup artist, as well as aspiring clothing designer. Married for a year this October and have four furry kids (3 cats &1 dog).

Blog Name & URL: 21st & Serendipity
Your Name: Alexandra
City and State/Country: Indiana/United States
Short Description Of Your Blog: A recent college graduate tells stories of her life's adventures including how-tos, makeup reviews, fashion, job hunting war stories, and so much more! Come on over and stay for awhile, I guarantee you'll leave with a smile on your heart!
Blog Name & URL: eef-ink
Your Name: Erin
City and State/Country: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Quirky comics, cartoons, crafts, and ramblings.


Blog Name & URL: Life and Love and Why - 
Your Name: Kaci Wilson
City and State/Country: Bowling Green, KY USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm 19 and currently attending college. I love blogging and I really just post about whatever comes to my mind. This included things I find inspiring, my favorite music and books, fashion, and random things about my life. 

Blog Name & URL: Freeze Frame
Your Name: Mary aka Marizabeth
City and State/Country: Baltimore-ish, MD, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Of life, love and photos!

Blog Name & URL: Little Alpaca
Your Name: Morgan 
City and State/Country: Massachusetts, U.S.A
Short Description Of Your Blog: Hey everyone! My blog is about my life, no matter how random it is. I also post my photography, and stories that I write. I hope you will stop by!
Blog Name & URL: Nobody Too
Your Name: Courtney
City and State/Country: Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm Courtney, the blogger behind Nobody Too. I work in libraries, watch a lot of bad movies, and listen to a lot of good music. I also craft, bake, and talk to my cat like he's a person. My blog's a place where I share the things that distract me during the day and keep me up at night--things I love, things I think about, and things I do.

Blog Name & URL:  Our Little Clann
Your Name: Mary (aka "Murr")
City and State/Country: Excelsior, Minnesota/United States
Short Description Of Your Blog: A young housewife, mother & vintage lover - blogging about family life, inspiration & a pure love for vintage fashion & decor and much more!

Blog Name & URL:  Green Eggs and Hamm
Your Name:  Amy Schleicher
City and State/Country:  Kansas City, Missouri  USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  Green Eggs and Hamm is a blog about my adventures in thrift shopping and love for vintage.  I showcase my weekly finds and collections.  I also blog a bit about cooking, everyday living, and being a mom to two outrageous little kids.

Blog Name & URL: Sarbear's Journey
Your Name: Sara
City and State/Country: St. Louis, Missouri/United States
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm a lady in love with a fella. Mama to four crazy furry critters and longing for a human critter too! Student of communications and life and lover of all things crafty, thrifty, and d.i.y.


Blog Name & URL: Ren Was Here /
Your Name: Lauren W.
City and State/Country: Lincoln, Ne, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: I just love blogging and trying out new things! Come visit my blog and explore for yourself!

North Carolina
Blog Name & URL: shannon*bear //
Your Name: Shannon
City and State/Country: Blue Ridge, NC, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is all about my life, adventures, being married, and pretty things! I'm excited to connect with you guys!

Blog Name & URL: *My Life as Liz Taylor*
Your Name: Liz Taylor
City and State/Country: Charlotte, NC, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is about the life is a young girl living in a big city with a famous name! I blog about my ever-changing life, health, cosmetics, and design!

Blog Name & URL: Aus2USA -
Your Name: Nikki 
City and State/Country: Chine Grove NC USA 
Short Description Of Your Blog: Aussie girl living in the USA. All about family, food, and fun.
North Dakota
Blog Name & URL: Arts & Farts -
Your Name: Rhiannon Admidas
City and State: Grand Forks, North Dakota
Short Description Of Your Blog: Art, crafts, flash fiction, clothes, cats, literature, snacks, pop and geek culture and whatever other bologna I can think up.

Blog Name & URL: Mistress Arachnide:
Your Name: Gabriella
City and State/Country: Cincinnati,Oh USA 
Short Description Of Your Blog: I blog about my life as an off and on college student obsessed with makeup, Videogames and needlecrafts. I have an etsy shop, the link is in my signature. I have been blogging for 7 years and decided that it's almost 2012 and that I want to branch out. So Here I am. I am 20, I have a boyfriend, that only gets slightly annoyed when I accidentally poke him with my knitting needles.

Blog Name & URL: Crafted Love
Your Name: Allison Kaye
City and State/Country: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Short Description Of Your Blog: Crafted Love is a blog full of crafts, inspiration, tutorials, photography, and lots of adventure. You'll find my weekly creative projects and lots of posts about my love of everything handmade! My most recent series, called Pinspiration, challenges you to empty out those inspiration boards and make them a reality!
Blog Name & URL :  Running With A Glue Gun Name: Katie 
City and State/ Country: Ohio North America
Short Description Of Your Blog: My main goal for my blog is to share ideas and to get creative juices flowing. I'm inspired by vintage finds, retro designs, the 40's and 50' eras, other bloggers, creativity, and bright colors. I do craft tutorials, I review products, and I also have two daily series called Mini Collection Monday, and Special Sunday Etsy Picks. 

Blog Name & URL: Blue Wonderful
Your Name: Lexie
City and State/Country: Whitehouse, OH/USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:
I'm an artist and student living in Northwest Ohio. My blog is about my art and anything in life that inspires me. Other hobbies/interests of mine include reading, baking, taking photos, sewing, and fashion. Come check out my blog and see what I'm working on now!
Blog Name & URL: Dressed to Chill -
Your Name: Lynsey Smith
City and State/Country: Granville, Ohio (that's near Columbus. ish.) in the US
Short Description Of Your Blog: The rants and raves of a Central Ohioan 20-something who is flying by the seat of her pants. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: how to survive a quarterlife crisis, books and movies and music I like that you should like too, musings on random aspects of pop culture, musings on random aspects of academia, what I'm (not) doing with my post-grad life, and how I'm addicted to the internet (with links to the blogs and websites that really scratch my itch).

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