Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blogging Worldwide Blogs Part 3

This rounds out the rest of the US! More blogs from around the world coming tomorrow--until then, check out:

Blog Name & URL: The Arkansassy Soprano,
Your Name: Georgeanne
City and State/Country: Little Rock, AR/Oklahoma City, OK
Short Description Of Your Blog: Soon-to-be 21 year-old singer and actress, trying to make her way through the Big, Bad, Beautiful world of opera and music theater. 

Blog Name & URL:
Your Name: Erika Lee Sears
City and State/Country: Portland, Oregon, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  My name is Erika and I left the cubicle grind to chase after my love for painting. This is about my journey navigating the art world, making things, and my little adventures of love and life.
Blog Name & URL: Her Coffin -
Your Name: Jolene Frances
City and State/Country: Greensburg, PA / USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: The (a)musings of an artist, INFP, and mum-to-be. A blog about photography, graphic design, cats, fashion, inspiration, music, and my Baby.

South Carolina
Blog Name & URL:  leslie Ann Hart -
Your Name: Leslie Ann Hart
City and State/Country:  Greenville, South Carolina - USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  My blog is about me, my life and my art!

Blog Name & URL: Little Fever -
Your Name: Shannon Marie
City and State/Country: Clarksville, TN & Rhinebeck, NY USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Photography, Life, & Style of an Army Wife, mommy, and creative mind behind the Little Fever Etsy Shop.

Blog Name & URL: Say It Ain't So (
Your Name: Rae
City and State/Country: Nashville, TN USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: I love blogging about my travels, my pugs, estate sales, and friends. I have a deep love for my home state and want to show the world what a great place the south can be!
Blog Name & URL: Chimera Bellem -
Your Name: Amber
City and State/Country: Nashville,TN,USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: I blog about my thoughts,ideas and life adventures,good food,music,and all sorts of other things. 

Blog Name & URL: Quilter in The Gap
Your Name: Rhonda Laws
City and State/Country: Cumberland Gap, TN
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog varies in topic but is generally focused on quilting. In addition to blog posts you will find my podcast episodes here. I love learning and teaching about quilting (you can often learn from my mistakes) as well as getting to know the other bloggers (via my podcast interviews). A simple blog with simple ideas.
Blog Name & URL: Chocolate & Cream Cake,
Your Name: Mandy Curtis
City and State/Country: Austin, TX, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Chocolate & Cream Cake is a blog by a small-town girl living in a nerdy world. It's full of pop culture news, movie reviews, personal info, musical obsessions, material longing, home design and the occasional crafty goodness.

Blog Name & URL: A Beautiful Mess Inside
Your Name:  Gayle Luster (seems we share a penchant for purple hair!)
City and State/Country: Irving, Texas USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:
Paradoxical extroverted introvert having a full frontal mid-life smack down.  Brilliant, dark, & all shades in-between.  There is a beautiful mess inside my head and this is where I let it spill forth freely.

Blog Name & URL: Cloud9 -
Your Name: Mija
City and State/Country: houston texas usa
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog reflects my life, work as a designer and dealing with my amazing yet crazy family!!

Blog Name & URL:
Your Name: Lizzi Dee
City and State/Country: Longview, Texas USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: A myriad of things, but mostly a compilation of everything. In other words: just another blog.

Blog Name & URL: Inside Kimmy's Mind
Your Name: Kimmy
City and State/Country: Texas
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is just about my life and things you can find inside my head.
I talk about school, movies, music my hobbies everything and anything.
I don't keep a blog just so others can read it. I keep a blog because

I love documenting my life.

Blog Name & URL:  Of All The Nonsense //
Your Name:  Allie
City and State/Country:  Rockwall, TX, United States of America
Short Description Of Your Blog:  Of All The Nonsense is the personal blog of Allie Hayes.  There you can find posts about her adventures, pretty photos, and plenty of vintage and handmade inspiration. 
Blog Name & URL: grrfeisty @
Your Name: roxy rodriguez
City and State/Country: houston, tx/USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: i am a mere five feet tall- but don't let my size fool you! along with running feisty biz i've also started roller skating with the houston roller derby :D read along as i tackle all these things, plus working in middle school math, traveling, taking care of my 3 beautiful dogs, and so much more [while photographing every second!] :)


Blog Name & URL: cacaw rawr @
Your Name: Otter Henry
City and State/Country: Salt Lake City, UT
Short Description Of Your Blog: Basically it's a blog about my shenanigans.  It's a personal blog with my opinions, likes, dislikes, and stories about my life.  I try to fill each post with either little, entertaining comics or pictures I either take myself or credit from other sources.

Blog Name & URL: A is for Ampersand
Your Name: Amy Morby
City and State/Country: Salt Lake City, UT USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: I'm Amy from A is for Ampersand, a blog about being a sewer, a crafter, a voracious thrifter, potential hoarder, and owner of a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon. I'm a writer and a designer, but mostly just a secret cat lady. a is for ampersand is all about the love of thrifting, vintage fashion, music, sewing, cats in clothing, crafting, and other lovely things of that nature.

Blog Name & URL: a penny for her thoughts:
Your Name: Cambria Hobbs
City and State/Country: American Fork, Utah. USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: I write so people will hear the things I don't know how to say.

Blog Name & URL: brandy-son Zen master flash,
Your Name: Brandy
City and State/Country: Salt Lake City, UT - USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:
Hi, my name is Brandy and my blog is called brandy-son Zen master flash which is a lifestyle blog full of DIY projects, junk hunts, and my spoiled boston terrier named Frederick. I am married to a drummer for a little over two years now. On the blog I also confess my sins weekly and write about the crazy stories in my life. I am terribly sarcastic and pretty blunt. I love music and creating things and meeting new people online. This is starting to sound like a dating profile isn't it?

Blog Name & URL: River City Chic,
Your Name: Alicia
City and State/Country: Richmond, VA, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: Obsessed with all things fashion, food, and culture. Check out my personal style diary, fashion inspiration, and escapades in the beautiful city of Richmond, Virginia.



Blog Name & URL: marsupial menagerie
Your Name: michelle barre
City and State/Country: tacoma, wa, usa
Short Description Of Your Blog: a blog about crafting, life, food, things found and other random topics.

Blog Name & URL: Me and Things
Your Name: Jenn
City and State/Country:  Northeast Wisconsin, USA
Short Description Of Your Blog:  an account of my day to day adventure and my mission of self improvement

Blog Name & URL: Sea Marie --
Your Name: Cas
City and State/Country: Sturgeon Bay, WI -- USA
Short Description Of Your Blog: The story of a traveling girl with a love of soapmaking. Military life mixed with crafting and critters and some major love for food tossed in.

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