Friday, September 9, 2011

Blogging Worldwide Blogs Part 4

Moving right along!
Check out:


Blog Name & URL:  My Beautiful Disaster
Your Name:  Erin
City and State/Country:  Canada
Short Description Of Your Blog:  My blog details the people, places, and whimsical b.s. that is my life.  Lots of pretty pictures included!
Blog Name & URL: SewTara
Your Name:  Tara
City and State/Country:  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Short Description Of Your Blog:  I'm a mommy and teacher who likes to sneak being creative and crafty into my days.  That usually means staying up waaay to late to get things done.  I like to share what I make on my blog and share how to make things with fun DIYs, tutorials and links.  I also make cup cozies and other cute things that I sell in my Etsy shop.

Blog Name & URL: love, elycia
Your Name: elycia
City and State/Country: Hamilton, Ontario
Short Description Of Your Blog: I am a crafty, vintage and music loving, cat lady who blogs about things I like, wear and make. 

Blog Name & URL: Kafe 80s 
Your Name: Kristin
City and State/Country: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
Short Description Of Your Blog:
On my blog you'll find my daily life and all the things I love: 80s stuff, picture taking adventures, drawing, recipe sharing & cats. I live with my Australian boyfriend Aaron and in our spare time we rock out with our band Larrikin. I love meeting new people so please stop by and say hello! :)

Blog Name & URL: !♥ s o y c o n f e s s i o n s 
Your Name: Mimi
City and State/Country: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Short Description Of Your Blog: About a girl and all her dreams. She blogs fashion, beauty, art, literature, music, and life.

Blog Name & URL: Ruby & Florence
Your Name: Gracie Wirzba
City and State/Country: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 
Short Description Of Your Blog: My blog is just a way to express happy thoughts, crafty things, a bit of fashion and thrifting . Just a teenager living life.

Blog Name & URL:   Artsy Angel.
Your Name:   Angel Szafranko
City and State/Country:   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Short Description Of Your Blog:  My blog is a place for my cute and colourful artwork. It is filled with my sketches, drawings, paintings, gifs, animations, photography and more!

Blog Name & URL: Phraseless -
Your Name: Emily
City and State/Country: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Short Description Of Your Blog: my tagline is "feminism, pop culture, and this canadian life." I write about those things and sometimes more! 

Blog Name & URL: Four Eyes Rella
Your Name: Nova "Rella"
City and State/Country: Victoria, B.C., Canada
Short Description Of Your Blog: Hello everybody, I'm Nova. I live on an island in Canada...yes, Canada has islands. Basically my blog is about my life, things I like both on and off the internet, hating the bus, tattoos, my cat and my dog. I hope you come check it out!

Blog Name & URL: Unicorn Parade
Your Name: Tanie
City and State/Country: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Short Description Of Your Blog:  On this blog I talk about crafts, Vancouver, daughters, dogs. You know, no big whoop.


Blog Name & URL: eLousions-
Your Name: Miss Lou
City and State/Country: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Short Description Of Your Blog: eLousions is my personal blog where I share lots of pictures, thrifty adventures, traveling stuff, things that inspire, occasional guest bloggers to spice up the content, drawings, crafts, camera love, apps and web stuff, and also outfit posts. I've also host snail mail exchanges, and make giveaways. I try to make the blogsphere more cute with my little corner of eLousions.

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