Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The birthday that keeps giving

Here are just a few pictures from my birthday get together on Friday.  Apparently my face was shy that night. heh

I also wanted to mention that the 3 giveaways from my birthday blog party are still hoppin'!  If you missed the celebration you still can check it out and enter for some fun prizes. :D

Birthday Party Crown Tutorial by Sparkles and Sticks

27 in 27

Birthday Wishlist

$25 Pussycat Vintage Credit Giveaway

Gift Bow Tutorial by Mary Rebecca

Birthday Party Photos by Flex Family Arts

Birthday Party Playlist with Shannon*Bear

Hairbow, Hamburger ring, and Cupcake Notebook Giveaway

A Stranger Year Discount by Elin Winblad

5 Mini Recycled Coffee Notecards and Envelopes Giveaway from eef-etc. 


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