Friday, December 30, 2011

Birthday Wishlist


I just made this list today, so unless my friends and families are mind-readers...these probably aren't the birthday gifts I'm getting. haha They are probably more New Year presents to myself ;)

1. The Lens Strap Holder $18.00 [PhotoJojoI'm ALWAYS misplacing my lens cap--perfect solution!
2. Girl and Cat print $18.00 [Marisol Spoon] Still kicking myself for not getting this at I.C.E.
3. Cats The Ticket dress $49.99 [ModCloth] I only have 2 cat themed articles of clothing!
4. Sweetheart Sunglasses $14.00 [Urban Outfitters] Been wanting these for some time now.
5. Sana Black Herringbone Bookbag $49.00 [Blowfish Shoes] Haven't bought a school bag in years!
6. Double Velvet Bow $22.00 [Red Velvet] I can always use another bow in my life.

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