Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting To Know You

I've mentioned this to a few people, but I've really been struggling with my presence on my blog. What I mean by that is I don't feel like I really give enough of myself so that people reading my blog can connect with me--I'm very at arms length. Now I've been blogging [aka I had a Livejournal] for many moons, and looking back, I've always been like this. I just post a lot of pictures and not a lot about me-- so much that a regular reader could certainly pick me out from a crowded street, but couldn't tell you much about me besides my name. While this blog will never be a "Dear Diary" sort of blog, I still want to at least come of as relatable someone...anyone?  

I think my main hangups when writing on a more personal level is:

A. By the time I get to the computer I've already talked myself out of whatever I was going to write about. I don't know about anyone else, but I think of a lot of ideas in the shower, or right before bed. I'll have it all written out in my head, but when I sit down to type it out, I just stop. Either because I tell myself it wouldn't be interesting to anyone else, or because....

B. I'm too afraid to write that much copy. My writing is sometimes just a hot mess. I'm the kind of person who thinks a lot faster than I write [and speak, but that's a whole other insecurity], which results in me constructing a lot of discombobulated sentences because of me starting and restarting sentences several times. [then toss in the fact that I read fast, so catching my hiccups doesn't always happen] I mean honestly, this whole me explaining my writing woes could end up making no sense in the end. haha  Add in that I by no means am a grammar master, and you have why I tend to shy away from writing.


Someone is either going to read what I wrote or not, but certainly no one will read it if I never write it. Plus, I'll never get better if I don't work on it.  So here I am, with probably the largest amount of copy to date. It's not flooded with imagery either, it's just me and what I'm really dealing with. I'm going to continue to push myself on this blog to dig past just surface level. I'll still have all the things I have on the blog now, because I enjoy them, there will now just be more to read. ;D


  1. I can relate! It's hard but sometimes I just start rambling and clean it up after so it makes more sense :) and I'm sure the rest of your followers would love to read it too! x

    1. Yeah, I should try that process! Thanks for comment :D

  2. Maybe you should try not thinking so hard about what you are going to write about. I know easier said than done. I mean think of a topic and then just write don't stop to plan it out. Just go directly to your computer and begin typing. And if you forget what you wanted to talk about then write about the first thing that does come to mind. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to blogging. As long as it is your words that's all that matters. :3 I look forward to reading more about you.

    1. You're right--I can over think something to death! It's just strange that I do this online, because off the computer I'm a pretty open book. Thanks for your advice, I'm going to try to be more free with my writing on here.

  3. Great post ;) Betty White looks so pretty...

    I am following from July's blog hop! Love for you to stop by and follow back.

    I am hosting Mom's Monday Mingle now. Over 200 great blogs! Love to have you!

  4. Betty White DOES look pretty!

  5. My writing is sometimes just a hot mess.

    I love that line. Please do write more. I will read every single word.



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