Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ghost Of Halloween Pasts Is Here! Guest Post by Miss Lou of elousions

Hello lovelies!

I'm Miss Lou from Elousions blog and I'm here to share my costumes from past halloweens! I'm excited to go back in time and share some of my fave costumes. I've always been a Halloween girl and I tend to plan my costumes ahead of time; they are most of the time home made.

Are you ready to go back in time??

Halloween 2005:

I was a Witch at the university.

Halloween 2006:

I decided to be the Absinthe Fairy. I actually decided to be that fairy when I saw that kick ass wig & 5 years later and that wig is still like new. I had my green wings, but apparently these were all taken when I got tired of wearing them lol I hate wings!

Halloween 2008:

That year my housemate/best friend and I decided to dress alike, so we were undead sisters; half of our face was pretty and well done, for the other I did us some skeleton make up. As you can se we inverted our dress back with with polkadots and vice versa. This was a fun costume everyone was talking about.

Halloween 2009:

This was the year I met Mon cher (my love) and we had the opportunity to go to 2 parties. For the 1st one I decide to be the devil, I had a great red dress and red shoes as well. I totally love the horns I bought that year and I think this year I will wear them to the university. My second one was my own interpretation of Alice in wonderland, inspired in pre Burtons movies. Also Mon cher was Slash (from Guns n Roses that nite).

On 2007 I was in Barcelona and I lost some of those files, as well as last year's pictures so Im sorry but I can't share 2010's either :(

I can't wait to get candy and finally decide on my costume for this year! Halloween's have always been my favorite day of the year, I always have lots of fun!

Thank you Mary Rebecca for letting me take over your blog today, its been a pleasure. Thank you all for reading, stop by elousions and say HI whenever you want. I love meeting new people!

I hope every have an awesome Halloween day :)


Mary: I love your Absinthe Fairy! Wigs are so fun, but I can't stand to have them on my head for very long. heh 

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