Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stinker Stinker Stinker

So, I couldn't just take pictures of Creeper and not get some of Stinker as well! Since the beginning of this year Stinker has really filled out with his fur. We are having a pretty hot summer here in Georgia, and even though he's an inside cat, he still gets hot. Farewell are the days of him wanting to snuggle with me under the blankets. He now prefers to lounge on the cool wood floors or up in his cat perch. :( I'm hoping when it gets cooler he'll come back around.

I've been looking at getting him a rotating cat brush to help him get rid of some of the dead undergrowth, as well as to help prevent him from getting hair balls. Does anyone else have any tips on keeping fluffier cats cool in the summer?

favorite. Look at those tiny top teeth! :D

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