Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since you all will inevitably be seeing more of Stinker [one, two] in the future I thought I would give him a little introduction post! :D

Stinker came into our lives about 6 months ago when my boyfriend and I decided to get his other cat, Nibbler, a playmate. [she will get her own post soon] We went to the local animal shelter and as soon as we went into the kitty playroom Stinker immediately claimed us as his own. He would not stop jumping into our laps, purring up a storm, and chasing other kittens off.

This is him at the animal shelter
He was actually named Everest at the animal shelter but neither of us thought he looked like he fit that name.  After several names we settled on the name Scout....which lasted all of about 3 days. He just wasn't a Scout either. He did remind of us of a skunk though because of the white stripe he has down his back and that is how the name Stinker came to be! Which we found out was a very fitting name for him because he is very mischievous and just a little stinker.

He is my little baby though. I love him to bits and am so glad we got him. :)  Enjoy the Stinker pic spam in 3...2...1...

This is the box we brought him home in. He LOVES it. He flipped it on it's side and it's his little man cave. He is in right now.

He loves to sit in the shower after one of us gets out.

He also loves Adventure Time

Long cat.


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