Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Speaking of crafts...

A couple of weekends ago Atlanta had it's annual Dogwood Festival. I love checking it out every year...and trying all the free samples! ;)

Every year I leave with a free bag of Zone bars!
When this photo was taken we were asked to write down something we lived for, so I wrote down "Crafting" in the only marker color avaliable--brown. :\  I tried to raise the speech bubble above my head, but the guy behind the camera made me lower it. So, apparently Meredith's stomach really likes crafting. heh

We also got free iced coffees-yay!  That giant coffee cup actually was a photobooth, but they never sent me the photo they took inside.

This photo was taken at the bad movie night I made the Troll 2 cupcakes for. None of us noticed we were all wearing black and white stripes until I was actually leaving. I love stripes--like really really love them. Matt has to stop me from only buying striped clothes. :X

1 comment:

  1. aw looks like you all are having so much fun! and free iced coffees?! heck yeah - that always guarantees a good time!



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