Monday, April 25, 2011

Troll 2 Cupcake Tutorial

On Friday night, Matt and I went to a friend's bad movie night party. Since I love making themed cupcakes, I thought this would be a great time to make Troll 2 inspired cupcakes! In a nutshell, the movie is about a family vacationing in a small town when they discover the entire town is inhabited by goblins, who plan to turn them into plants and eat them. Yes, there are actually no trolls in Troll 2!
If you have never seen Troll 2, I included the trailer at the bottom. ;D

I just used a basic vanilla cake mix to make 24 cupcakes.

Once the cupcakes are cool, use a sharp knife to core the cupcakes. Make sure you angle the knife as you cut. You don't want to take too much from the middle and weaken the cupcake.

Put some white icing in a bowl and then add green food coloring. You can skip this step and just buy green icing.   [I also removed my ring after this shot because icing can get messy]

Good to go!

Just spoon in some of the green icing. You can take even less out of the core if you want less icing in the middle.

Once you are done filling the cupcakes with green icing it is time to put the tops back on! Take your knife and cut the cone off the bottom and then place the cap back on. The icing in the middle should act as an adhesive to hold it in place.

After you add the caps back you shouldn't see any of the green icing! If some seeps through the sides just wipe it off before icing the top.

Now it's time to ice the top! I decided to ice these cupcakes with an icing bag and tip to prevent the cap from being moved or torn.  Of course I didn't have enough icing, but you just want to make sure you cover the seam from where you cored the centers.

Iced and ready for one final touch!

"Nilbog is goblin spelled backwards!"  [the name of the town the family visits]

It's not until your family and friends bite into your yummy cupcakes that they realize it's a trap! ;D

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial as much as I enjoyed creating it! 


  1. From one Troll 2 lover to another: awesome! :D I have till this day met no one who has seen it too, this awesomely weird-he's gonna eat me!-piece of your-life-is-not-complete-without art :D ;)
    See you in Nilbog! Erika

  2. try to do the pink set, please...
    i'd like to see --O-O--

  3. Erika: You're not alone--there are other fellow "Troll 2" fans! ;D My friends and I even made it out to the "Best Worst Movie" documentary where we got to meet the dad

    Emmalyn: Thanks!

    --O-O--: I'm not sure I know what you mean by the pink set. :\

  4. LOL This is hilarious- found this blog post through Pinterest. I bought Troll 2 on dvd for hubby last year for his birthday. Best worst-movie EVER!



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