Sunday, April 17, 2011


Back in January I made a post introducing you all to Stinker. Well, now it's time to introduce you to Stinker's older sister--Nibbler!

Matt adopted Nibbler several months before I met him, but I've grown to love her...and she loves tolerates me too.   Nibbler isn't one to cuddle like Stinker does, but where she lacks in physical contact, she makes up with being one chatty catty! That was actually a driving force in why Matt adopted her--he loved that she liked to talk.  

Cute fact: I sneeze a lot, especially in the Spring time. So Nibbler has picked up on the fact that when I sneeze Matt says, "Bless You" now every time I sneeze around Nibbler she goes, "Meow Mew"--ahh, so cute! She also knows when I'm faking because she won't do it unless I really sneeze.

She also has retractable thumbs because she opens doors and drawers a lot. She's stealth though, so we've never seen these elusive thumbs. ;)  Oh, and if you close her out of the bedroom and she's hungry and wants you to wake up--you better believe this cat will body slam the door until you feed her. She don't mess around!

Plus she makes ridiculous faces...and has odd sleeping positions. Let me show you:


  1. Nibbler is cute (:
    How'd you get your eyes to look like that in the second last picture? That's adorable!

  2. hahaha i always love your photo edits :)


    That first one is too funny. He's all awkward family photo.

  4. tearyeyedstars: Thanks! I just warped my eyes in Photoshop. heh



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