Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday 2/25/11 Comic-Con Part 3

...and we are back on the road to Comic Con 2009. In the next installment we will actually have photos taken AT Comic Con--exciting, I know.  Until then--have some shots from good ol' Santa Fe, New Mexico!

If you missed the first two installements you can check them out here:

Most of these are taken from a moving vehicle because we had a deadline to make! I still really like the them, motion blur and all.

When I wasn't taking photos from the back seat I was usually sleeping in the back seat! Holly made it a habit to take a photo every time I went to sleep. I eventually trained myself to wake up when I heard her camera focusing. ;p
(Source: Holly's photos)
(Source: Holly's photo on the left)
(Source: Holly's photos)
We stuck around long enough to visit some friends, check out some stores + galleries, and get Holly a cowboy hat!

I don't like my smile, so I usually end up looking completely disinterested most of the time. :\
cowboy hat- GET!

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