Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday 2/11/11 Comic-Con Part 2

Continuing with the road trip across the U.S. to get to Comic Con 2009!

This was the day I got to see the Grand Canyon....but before we made it there we became distracted by all these signs talking about this GIANT CRATER.  So, we veered off the main road to see this GIANT CRATER. Except when we finally got there they wanted crazy amounts of money and we ended up turning back around. I don't even remember what the crater was called now but it might as well have been named Money Pit Crater.

See how excited we are about how expensive that place was? I know--it's almost palpable.

So then we kept driving, and driving, and driving. Until there it was--THE GRAND FREAKIN' CANYON! Unfortunately we got there about an hour before the sun went down but it was beautiful and I can't wait to go back.

Creed overtook me or something.  haha-ew


  1. isn't the grand canyon amazing!! we were there in november, it was bonkers.
    and ok, we're totally friends now. i need a fellow cat worrier who understands my strange fears! haha.

  2. Elycia- It really is! I hope I can go back soon and spend more time and hike around. :)

    Yay-I'm glad we can bond over our feline anxiety. haha

  3. wow these photos are breathtaking!



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