Monday, February 6, 2012

The 11 Meme

Chrissy over at Whimsical Poppysmic tagged me, and although I told her I'm rubbish when it comes to answering questions about myself, I'd still give it a go.
Here are the rules.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create
11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5. No tag backs and you legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 Facts About Myself.

  1. I'm 5'9" and have only dated one guy who was noticeably taller than me.
  2. I'm allergic to cats--that hasn't stopped me though. ;)
  3. I have close to 90 bottles of nail polish.
  4. I could probably eat my weight in Raisinets.
  5. I've never been able to touch my toes.
  6. I love Corey Feldman and will watch any movie he is in--no matter how bad.
  7. I hate talking about blood/veins. I will get super light-headed.
  8. I dissected sheep brains when I was in elementary school.
  9. I'm an only child.
  10. Favorite thing to read are medical history books.
  11. I've been using the same purse for 2 years.

11 Questions to Answer.

1. Which one do you prefer, coffee or tea and what kind?
I drink a lot of Arizona Green Tea--yum! 

2. What is your favorite quote from a movie? 
"They're eating her... and then they're going to eat me... OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD"  courtesy of Troll 2

3. Do you have painted finger and toe nails during winter? 
I paint my fingers during the winter, but I don't usually ever paint my toes. I don't really like my feet so I own I think one pair of open toe shoes.
(my nails last week)

4. Do you have a favorite book, one you could read over and over again? 
Falling in line with medical history books, I really enjoy the book Death's Acre
It's all about the Body Farm--which I think is so interesting.

5. What's your favorite song of all times? 
I don't know if I have a "FAVORITE OF ALL TIME" but I will probably always love these songs.  [cue my inner  80's goth]

6. Do you believe in destiny?
I do when things don't go as planned because it's easier to get over things when you think, "it just wasn't meant to be".

7. Are you a cat or a dog person? Or maybe both? And why?
I think it's pretty obvious I'm a cat person, although I was never over the moon about them until I got Stinker and Creeper.  I like dogs just fine though, I've had more dogs as pets than cats within my lifetime.

8. Which celebrity do you secretly have a crush on?  Walton Goggins
I kinda love his character's accent and wardrobe on the TV show "Justified".
When trying to find a picture of him I found out he grew up in Lithia Springs, GA which is a stones throw from where I grew up. As in rival football team close. So that means he's not having to dig very deep to find that twang. haha

9. Are you a glass half empty or half full kind of person?
Depends on how well I'm doing in any certain situation. ;)

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Done with school...have a big girl job....maybe still blogging! Right now it's really just one day at a time for me. School is intense and if I look too far forward I'm likely to just crawl into the fetal position.

11. Do you have a blogger idol and if so, who is it and why?
I think Amy from A is for Ampersand is pretty dang awesome. She just seems genuinely  sweet and her blog posts are always really interesting.

Here are my Questions.

1. Do you have any party tricks? [like being able to touch your tongue to your nose]
2. What is a good joke?
3. What's one of the craziest things you did as a child?
4. Have you ever bought anything off of the TV? Was is worth it?
5. Is there a blog you think everyone should check out?
6. Do you eat in bed?
7. Has your collection of brightly colored tights increased since beginning to blog?
8. Can you play an instrument? 
9. Does my blog make my butt look big?
10. Do you know any random trivia? [you do, everyone does...don't hold out on me]
11. Are you afraid of something unusual AND/OR are you a freaky eater?

I am tagging the following awesome bloggers:
Shannon, Amanda, Lili, Erin, Erin, Tera, Carly, Rebecca, Lynsey, Katrina, and Jamie

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