Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Halloween Adventures

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Monday I was in class all day so we used the weekend to celebrate my favorite of holidays! :D

Every quarter there is a party for the 1st quarters put on by the 2nd quarters.  I'm a 2nd quarter so we decided to pair up with a Halloween party upper quarters were already hosting. [there is only 4 of us in 2nd quarter and like 25+ first quarters so it helped take some of the stress out for us] :D

I went with a creepy ventriloquist doll.  I didn't have the money [or time] to make a new costume so I just hodgepodge'd costumes from things I already had for both events I went to. Matt finally got to take his creepy mask out for a spin and people either loved it or were completely terrified.  excellent.

2nd quarter!

We went to a Halloween event at the High Museum of Art. We got to see the Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso exhibit they have right now--pretty awesome!
 I was just a different version of a creepy doll. I just really liked having intense eyebrows and a tiny mouth?  I ended up putting the baby head on though at the end of the night because it's too fun. haha ;D

Our friend Mark made his Big Boy costume in like 2 seconds.  impressive

There was this great art piece with all these angled mirrors. I wish I had caught the artist's name.

You can't hear very well in that mask, so I thought he was just taking a photo at first. :x

my makeup stayed on pretty well!

Oh! Here is our pumpkin we carved too.  I had no idea green pumpkins were so thick so we had to scrap our original idea and just went with this.  The baked seeds were delicious that came from this beast though. ;D

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