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Top 5 Scary Movies Guest Post by Lynsey of Dressed To Chill

Hello! My name is Lynsey, and I'd like to start by thanking Mary Rebecca for the chance to write a guest post on her blog. This is one of my favorite blogs, so I'm honored to be able to write something to share here this October.
I love October, and Halloween, and scary movies. Watching horror movies is one of my favorite things about this time of year, so for my guest post I'll be giving you all a rundown of my Top Five Favorite Scary Movies. I like to think that I don't scare very easily, and these are the movies that have horrified me the most over the years.
5. Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)


This is the best horror movie that I've seen that's come out in the past five years, hands down. I've had numerous arguments with people about why I found the first film in the trilogy extremely disappointing- mainly because I thought the characters were annoying, and by the end of the movie I was so fed up with them that I didn't even care if they were being haunted. The sequel, though, blew the first one out of the water, and it did an amazing job of tying the two storylines together. Paranormal Activity 2 has become one of my favorite horror films, and I can't wait to see the third chapter that comes out this month. I actually screamed out loud more than once in the theater, and the pairing of shock value and anxious suspense is so well done that I still get creeped out thinking about certain scenes from the movie.
4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
I first saw this movie when I was pretty young, but it still freaks me out a little bit when I watch it now. It's such a classic in the horror genre, and Freddy Krueger has to be one of the greatest villains of all time. A Nightmare on Elm Street is extremely cheesy, but that doesn't mean it's not still scary and badass. You have to consider that it was made in the eighties, so for what it is it's extremely well done, and it's become such an iconic part of horror movie pop culture for a reason- because it's awesome. I haven't seen any of the sequels or the 2010 remake, because to me this film stands on its own as a great horror movie, one of the best ever made.
3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
One of the few demon-possession movies I've seen that actually pulls it off without being overly cheesy or pathetically unoriginal in its execution. This movie scares the crap out of me, and the way the story is framed with the trial proceedings brings a fascinating perspective to the film, which is based on true events. Whether or not Emily Rose (or her real-life counterpart, Anneliese Michel) was really possessed is up in the air, but the movie does a fantastic job of illustrating the opposition of Christian belief and modern medicine and the complex relationship that exists between the two in extreme cases of psychosis believed to be demonic possession. The true story is terrifying and sad, and the movie always leaves me feeling unsettled for days.
2. Pet Sematary (1989)
This has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid because my dad is a huge Stephen King fan. When I was little, I used to get so freaked out after watching Pet Sematary that I had to sleep in my YOUNGER sister's room. I'm sure my mom was justifiably pissed at my dad for ever introducing me to this movie, but to this day it remains one of my all-time favorite horror films. Victor Pascow is the most terrifying looking friendly ghost you will ever see, but I still think the scariest part of the movie is the sub-plot involving Rachel Creed's sister, Zelda. It's terrifying because of its realism- some people really have to experience terrifying illnesses like the spinal meningitis that plagued Zelda and are haunted forever by family ghosts and skeletons in the closet. This movie is fascinating because it's about coming to terms with death and the madness that the inability to move on can create for those of us still living.
1. The Exorcist (1973)
As far as I'm concerned, this is the greatest horror movie of all time. But you have to go into it with at least some idea of what to expect, and you have to be able to appreciate it for what it is, which is a movie made in 1973 with cheesy acting and an extremely boring beginning. What makes this movie so brilliant, though, is that it isn't like modern horror movies that almost always rely solely on shock value to scare you. Of course The Exorcist has plenty of shock value, but it also relies heavily on the feeling of trepidation that's cultivated by the movie's slow plot buildup. You have to commit to this movie and give yourself over to the anxiety in order to get the full effect, and if you're able to do that then this movie will terrify you to your core. Keeping in mind that the movie is based on true events, and that all kinds of eerie things happened on the set during the filming, I'm sure you'll find it difficult to get The Exorcist out of your head. Plus, this face isn't an easy one to forget:
I'd love to hear your favorite scary movies too! I'm always looking for suggestions for my movies-to-see list. Leave a comment for Mary Rebecca, or check me out over at my blog, Dressed to Chill. You can also find me on Tumblr and Twitter.

Mary: I actually really don't like possession movies...really anything to do with demon possession really freaks me out. I refuse to ever watch The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose ever again because of how freaked out I got the first time.  You all know my weakness now! ;D  Thanks Lynsey for this great guest post, even if creepy Regan is starring me down as I type this. haha

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