Monday, October 31, 2011

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle Guest Post by Donna of Deer Donna

Hello spooky readers of Mary Rebecca's gorgeous blog!! 

I'm Deer Donna, and today I went to the very awesome Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011.

We were trying for a Guiness World Record, which I think we probably got... Approximately 12,000 people dressed as zombies, stomping through the city of Melbourne, Australia!! Fun!!!

I went as a zombie Minnie Mouse.. It was great fun, I got SO much attention from the cameras.. so did my boyfriend Christian.... We were quite the couple.

It was our first time at the shuffle, and we will definitely be going again. It was amazing to be around so many gory, creative people screaming BRAAAAAINNNNNSSSSSS.

Anyway, here are some photos for you all...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Love Deer Donna xox



Mary:  Donna, you and your boyfriend looked great! Perfect amount of cute and gore. I love that your zombie shuffle had a huge turnout--let us know if you guys do indeed get the world record :D  Thanks for this awesome guest post

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