Sunday, October 30, 2011

Favorite Fall Shoe Styles Guest Post by Katrina of the demure muse

Hi Everyone!! I'm Katrina from the demure muse and I'm so excited to be here on Mary Rebecca's blog today. (Thanks so much for having me!!)

I'm a huge shoe lover and wanted to share some fun ways to transition your favorite pairs of fall shoes through the chillier months. After growing up in Toronto and having to deal with piles of snow shortly after the leaves have fallen off the trees, I never fully understood the concept of wearing fall shoes right through to the end of the year. I recently moved to Seattle and am really looking forward to not having to shovel 5ft+ of snow (although I hear it rains a ton here during the winter. hrm, just going fight one battle at a time!)

Some of my favorite styles of Fall shoes happen to be wedges, but I am also loving all the variations of combat boots!

To get the most bang for my buck this year, I'm hoping to transition these beauties past the middle of November. One way that I love to wear my wedges is with skirts. Since I'm a bit of a cold-weather wimp, leggings are my best friends on chilly days. I like to layer leggings with cute knee socks to add some volume to the bottom half of my outfits since I usually feel like I'm too top-heavy with all the layers on my torso. (I know I can't be the only one who wears a t-shirt under a cardigan under a hoodie under a vest under a winter jacket! ... or am i? *hides*) There are so many possibilities of filling outfits with cute prints and colors thanks to the huuuuge assortment of designs on these babies!

Hands down, I love to get all matchy-matchy when it comes to my shoes, purse, and scarves. I'm usually tempted to dress like the winter weather (i.e. in gloomy and grey colors to compliment to chilly air) but I'm going to try to avoid doing that this year! There are a ton of rich, warm colored scarves currently in the windows of every store and I hope to stock up on a couple before winter rolls around. These will go perfectly with all the fall-colored shoes!!

I hope you guys are able to make the most of your fall shoes with these quick styling tips for chillier days. :)
Mary: Katrina, you're so fashionable and such a shopping enabler! Every time I see the newest pretty thing you've purchased I have to hide my wallet and resist following suit. ;D
Thanks for the great post

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