Monday, August 22, 2011

No A.C. Update

Update from this post.
As of last night we had not turned on the air conditioning for 7 days-- but around midnight, we broke. When we first started on Monday is was manageable because we were also in a fluke couple of days where the weather wasn't at its hottest. As the week went on the inside of the apartment just turned into a sauna. We had the windows open to try to catch breezes and to keep the air circulating...we had fans on...but it just got hotter and hotter! Georgia humidity is a BEAST! Our freezer hand towels would be unfrozen and warm in a matter of minutes. I was noticing a big change in the cats too.  They were being extra lethargic and I would frequently find them just scattered flat on the floor looking completely miserable. Plus they felt like tiny heaters. :(

Example A

...and the major thing was-- I was getting cranky!  You can only be really hot and uncomfortable for so long.  When the outside air became actually cooler than the inside of the apartment, we knew we had to change something.  So we closed all the windows and turned on the air conditioning.  However, we have kept the temperature set at 84 degrees, so even though it feels a million times better in here, it's no where as cool as the ice box we originally had it at. Hopefully we will still notice a difference in the next billing cycle. We have talked about trying the no A.C. experiment again once the temperatures cool off some. Which might turn into how long we can keep the heat off because I have never been able to find a happy medium with that scenario.  The adventure continues!

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