Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In An Instant

Grad school has kept me busy busy busy! I'm so backed up on posts--hopefully I can catch up a tad this weekend.  For now, here are some photos I've snapped with the well known [and loved] app--Instagram!

*Lilah--Creeper's sister.  

 *Leo--Creeper's brother!

 Creeper! [formerly known as  Delilah--yano, before you could see his male bits and I thought he was a she :x]

Awesome mask I bought for 10cents!

Giant sunflowers in front of a house I drive by on my way to school. :)

This is Stella--the KILLER CHIHUAHUA! This picture looks horrifying, but in reality, she was just caught mid-yawn 

Strawberry tart--yum yum

Where I sat for 4 hours yesterday.

*Leo and Lilah live with my parents. I'm not THAT crazy....yet. :x

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