Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So yesterday I mentioned that there was a vendor at Chatty Crafty in particular that I really liked. That vendor is:

Seriously, if I could have stuffed Felicia's entire booth in my purse, I would have! All of her stuff is so so so cute and well done. Her Polaroid SX-70 cameras with their sleepy eyes and her Hipster Bear plushies with their PBR cans and  chest hair were amazing. And all her letterpress items were top notch! On top of her visually pleasing booth and items Felicia was just really nice and welcoming, which is always a plus! [because you know you've all encountered the scary booth vendor who makes you feel trapped and awkward and they are no fun. heh]

Since every item is going to be slightly unique being handmade, Felicia pulled a lot of her items for the show this past weekend. However, if you are interested in something you see in my post that isn't on her Etsy, I bet you could contact her and see if something is still available. :D

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