Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wanted Wednesdays 04/06/11

Hmm-this didn't post like it should have! Well, better late than never. ;D

Every year I eagerly await the warm weather to come back, because when it does, the snowball trucks come back! There is one truck I love in particular. Their ice shavings are much finer than the ones in this picture--and their flavors are so so so good. I even have a frequent buyer card....guess who has a full card?  ;D

I've wanted to get my hands on one of these lens mugs from Photojojo since I saw them back during the holidays. So awesome, and I love how the Nikon one actually extends!

Please go play this Victorian Period game. It's an informative time waster. ;D The point of the game is to choose the correct option for polite society in a variety of different scenarios. I did much better when I was playing as a gentleman. ;p  [oh, and the sound effects crack me up]

This is actually a photo I took of my own legs. I have so many fun tights and I just haven't been wearing them. This photo reminded me of how much I enjoy wearing them...and that I might need a few more glittery pairs.  heh

Love these phone cases designed to look like cameras.  I like the texture it has to it as well--would help me find my phone easier in my black hole of a purse!

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