Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogiversary: How To Photograph Your Pet With GRRFEISTY!

I'm thrilled Roxy decided to do a guest post on her tips and tricks on photographing pets. Her dogs are so cute and really well behaved! Photographing pets is one of my favorite subject matters--I'd love to hear any additional tips you all might have. :D

How to Photograph Your Pet 

Hi :) I'm roxy from I love my dogs and photographing them! Maybe this is common knowledge, but I think there might be some helpful tips in this how-to for you.
I consider it pretty easy to shoot one dog [I’m using dogs in these examples :)], but shooting three is a bit chaotic!  Luckily Daniel helped me out with the props and commands.

-Holding a treat in your hand while commanding your dog to lie down is most effective. Lowering your hand with the treat in it will ensure the pup obeys. I usually give them the treat after I’ve told them to “stay” a couple times.

In order to properly photograph the dog, you need to be at their level. Photographs from above can be amazing, if the animal is looking up at you. But for the best shots you should be face to face. :) The best way to get your dog to look at you is to hold a treat [or just pretend!] by the camera.

This time around I only gave each dog two treats because Daniel was helping me. Usually, when doing these shoots alone, I have to give the dogs a treat every time they follow a command.

I love animals, and if you do, too, you should definitely check out my blog :)
Thanks for reading and I hope you can take some of these tips away with you!

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