Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowcation in Hothlanta 2011! Part 2

We are rounding out day 3 of our snowcation. A lot of places will still be closed tomorrow as well because most of the snow has actually now turned to ice and driving is still quite dangerous. Matt and I have been trying to get out and walk around so we don't get infected with EXTREME cabin fever and start climbing the walls. However, that hasn't led to too many photos because the wind chill is SO cold our fingers refuse to operate cameras. :\

After the initial snow fall Sunday night a good half inch of ice covered all the nice powder.

Ice covered the fresh snow. Which made making a snowman pretty impossible. :(

Stubborn Snow Angel from Mary Rebecca on Vimeo.

I was COLD! I didn't wear thick socks and my toes were not happy....not happy at all.

Sliding Fail from Mary Rebecca on Vimeo.

Crunch Time from Mary Rebecca on Vimeo.

Brrr--just looking at these images makes me cold! :P

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