Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lazy Cat

Look how cute this lazy cat ring is!

 Available here: aprimiao etsy

MY lazy cat! This ring is pretty perfect, right?!


  1. WOW! I've never seen anything like that :o They're so adorable! xxx

  2. im not a big cat person (sorry im a dog lover) but i am loving this ring!! so fun and different!!

    ps. found you via one pearl button! cute blog!!!

  3. SkellyBones: They really are adorable! One is definitely going on my wish-list. ;D

    Ilene: That's fine--I love dogs too! I just happen to be around cats more right now! heh
    Thanks got checking out my blog :D

  4. That IS so so so cute!

    PS. Found your blog via ...I don't remember... You know how you just click click click and then you don't know where you are anymore..but it's a good thing...

  5. Don't you LOVE that ring?! It's one of my faves!
    xx Olivia

  6. J- I do that all the time. I get lost on the Internet for hours sometimes! ;) Glad you liked where you ended up though

    Olivia- I wish it was on my finger right now! heh

  7. That ring is hilarious! I love it!
    -Allison Kaye



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