Monday, November 12, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Shennagnigans

Woops, I missed a day. [I don't count the weekends in this "challenge"] I blame it on not having Internet for the past 2 weeks in the new apartment. It only took FOUR Comcast technicians and then my roommate finally Googling how to connect our router. The final technician figured out the wiring, but was baffled by the router.

Now we have Internet and all is right with the world...inside our apartment anyway. ;D  Now I can share with you all pictures of when some of my friends and I took a trek to the pumpkin patch last month.

[Most pictures taken by my lovely friend Kate...unless she is in the picture. obvs]


I had to photobomb at least once. ;D


  1. That pumpkin patch looks pretty nice. We went to one when I visited my sister in Georgia. It was okay...

  2. That dress is INCREDIBLE!!! I love pumpkin patches... even though I sadly have never been to one!!!



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