Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nurturing Creativity

"Is it rational, is it logical, that anybody should be expected to be afraid of the work that they feel they were put on this Earth to do?"

[if you're reading this from a reader you might need to go directly to my blog to see the video]

Ted Talks--they are awesome. But there are ones you just feel compelled to share. Like this talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. I first watched this talk last Sunday while I was attending the first of four classes MINT Gallery is hosting called "Artist Boot Camp" and I thought it was really good. Even if you can't sit through the whole 19 minutes, at least give the first 10 a listen! [The Ruth Stone and Tom Waits stories that start about 10:30 are pretty powerful though]


  1. If Tom is involved I will watch...but I can't believe you might miss BINGO for this!

  2. Hey :) been a long time. Send me an email.

    1. A. What is your email [I've switched emails a few times]
      B. What should I write in this email? haha

  3. This was amazing & honestly brought me to tears... Thanks for posting it. I came across your blog through a comment you left on Tera Sue's post Tips for Small Time Bloggers & I'm so glad I stopped by. :) I often struggle with the thought of the poet I 'used to be' or the creative atmosphere I 'used to live in'... I find myself wishing I could go back, you know? But just as she said, we have to keep showing up for our part. Keep creating regardless of the feeling that my poems will never be the same as they were in years past. Keep creating and hoping to one day be able to transcend humanity and catch a glimpse of God...

    I'm sorry I got so wordy in this comment o.O I think I'm going to write a post about this. Thanks again for sharing the video and I hope all is well in your world.


    1. Woohooo, wordy comments are awesome! Thanks for taking a look at my little corner of the blog world

      I'm glad the video rang true to you too. I can dwell on the past as well, and I love to beat myself up over the "would, coulda, shoulda" thoughts, but that's not helping anyone--it's certainly not helping me. So I'm working on just creating, making fast decisions, and just creating! Not everything is going to be a masterpiece, and not everything is supposed to be.



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