Monday, April 23, 2012

Mason Jar Competition

During the vintage event, Salvage, there was also a mason jar competition. You could do anything you wanted, as long as a mason jar was incorporated. I decided to do my own take on potpourri and how to display it. I found everything in or around my home--everything but the mason jar. I only had jars without lids, so I purchased that one new.  Once everything was painted I soaked all the bits and pieces in an apple cinnamon scent and punched holes in the top of the lid.  

I unfortunately didn't come home with a ribbon [I wish I had made a sign so people knew to smell it], but I'm still really happy with it and it's proudly displayed in my room now. :D




  1. That is a lovely idea, and the smooth, bright colors of the painting work really well with everything inside. Great stuff!

  2. I love the colors that you chose!!

  3. This is so cute! I love the colours and the design of the jar, and just the general idea! Awesome !




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