Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Fair!

I looooved when the Scholastic Book Fair would come to my school when I was younger. I would obsess over the catalog they gave to us prior so that I knew exactly what I wanted when the fair came.  I would always make sure I picked up a bookmark/pencil/eraser when I was in there too--it was just fantastic.

So when I saw Kate from Scathingly Brilliant had created an Etsy shop devoted to this wonderful memory, I was pretty excited!


In her new shop, called The Book Fair, you can buy a book fair  kit that includes:
- A fruit scented pop-a-point pencil
- A rainbow eraser
- Three bookmarks
- A handmade button with stickers
- A handmade reading list booklet
- A hand-stamped canvas carrying case
- A 1980's or 1990's paperback selected at random

I really want to get one for myself!
I love the illustration she made just for this--you can also get the illustration as a print, button, or bookplate. She even has some Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books up there...I'm just sayin'. ;)


  1. Miller has had two book fairs already this year and now they are having a half-price one next week. Maybe you should accompany him!

  2. As soon as I saw these I wanted to just give Kate a big big hug!!! SOOO FUNNN!!! :) xo

  3. Oh I remember those fairs! I would spend AGES looking at all the books because I only had enough money for one and had to make sure I got the right one :)



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