Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Sponsor Spotlight

I can't believe October is almost over! Grad school has really made me lose all sense of time. Luckily, my first round of sponsors on my blog proved to be a smashing success! I had a great batch of lovely ladies sponsor my blog this month and today I'm here to show them off. ;D

P.S. Make sure to check out all the great guest posts that I've been posting. Most of them were written by these awesome sponsors below!

P.P.S. If you want to sponsor my blog in November I am currently doing sponsor swaps! Check out this post for more information.

Redhead Memories
Hi, I'm Kaycie from Redhead Memories. I love making memories and documenting them, which is why I have my little blog. There I tell about all things that make me smile: my husband, kittens, anything vintage, and much more. Come stop by!

Nobody Too
I'm Courtney, the blogger behind Nobody Too. I work in libraries, watch a lot of bad movies, and listen to a lot of good music. I also craft, bake, and talk to my cat like he's a person. My blog's a place where I share the things that distract me during the day and keep me up at night--things I love, things I think about, and things I do.

Running With A Glue Gun
Hi Everyone! My name is Katie and I started my blog to share my ideas and projects, when it comes to crafting and decorating. I love making things and sharing them and especially love talking to other artists and crafters. I'm inspired by vintage finds, retro designs, the 40's and 50' eras, and other bloggers. I do craft tutorials, I review products, and I also have two daily series called Mini Collection Monday, and Special Sunday Etsy Picks. I hope you stop by and enjoy your stay ( also you will see a lot of pictures of my side kick in crafty crime.. my doggie)!

Arts & Farts
A short description of you: Hi there! My name is Rhiannon. I'm a 20-something living in the frozen wastelands of North Dakota with my husband and two cats. Arts & Farts is my personal blog where I share my art, crafts, recipes, favorite books and poems, short short stories and thoughts on everything from pop and nerd culture to current events.

Hello lovely people! I'm Emma and I blog over at misshish, which I suppose you could call a 'general lifestyle blog'.
I graduated from university in July, and am currently living on the outskirts of Southampton, UK with my boyfriend in a lovely one bedroom flat. He's a teacher, I'm a waitress (although hopefully not forever!).
I blog about all kinds of fun things, such as day trips, my job, eBay, and all kinds of life musings, with plenty of photos thrown in for good measure.
Come by and say hi; I love making new blog friends!

 Hi, I'm Erin! I draw a silly little stick figure called "eef" and blog about eef's adventures. I also post a lot of my other drawings and my own adventures as an illustrator and graphic designer. Stop on by and say "hi!"

just because by LeeLee 
Hey! My name is Lily, a designer, blogger, crafter, in love photography, graphic arts, urban styles, and everything handmade. I try to keep busy making crafts and learning even via youtube. I love bad jokes, and I love laughing till I cry. My blog is my happy place full of inspiration and things I am obsessing about! 

 icky monster
Hi there! I'm Sara and I'm the adventure-loving vegan behind Icky Monster. I'm a college student, a fur-mom, and an artist with an army of hand-drawn monsters. On my blog you'll find plenty of pictures of my silly animal family, chronicles of my adventures into the wilderness, sporadic vegan recipes and outfit posts, and lots of my artwork. (And this month, an exceptional enthusiasm for Halloween.) The monsters I draw may look mean but I promise I'm much nicer than they are so stop by and be sure to say hi!

Dressed To Chill 
Dressed to Chill is the blog of a 20-something girl flying by the seat of her pants. It's written by me, Lynsey, and it's my way of maintaining sanity while living in a new city, paying off student loans, and casually wondering what the hell I'm going to do with my life. It's my way of writing through my quarterlife crisis, and also of cataloging new experiences and the things I love (both on and and off the internet).

 the demure muse
Hi everyone! I'm Katrina, a personal style blogger, jewelry maker, and full-time dork at heart. I started the blog, The Demure Muse, when I was going through an interesting patch of life, moving from the bustling city of Toronto to the Pacific Northwest and then back to Canada a few months later. Since then, I've decided to settle in Seattle and have continued to blog about my transition from the east to west coast. I'm quite the chatterbox so stop by and say hi if you have a minute!

four-eyes rella
Here's all you need to know about my blog: I have a bulldog and I take a lot of pictures of him. I do Things I Love Thursday posts almost every Thursday filled with the coolest stuff I can find on the internet. I am learning about photography and am totally into the hipster lomography thing. I write about whatever I want and love to meet new internet people. Come by and say hello!

Deer Donna 
My name is Donna and my blog is named Deer Donna - I live in Melbourne, Australia with my gorgeous man Christian and our kitty, Sailor Jerry. My blog is a mish mash of crafting, tattoos, local Aussie designers, jewellery, second hand items and of course, lots of photos of my kitty! I also love dressing up for any occasion, FANCY dress of course.. So you will often see me in a crazy outfit....  
Please pop by and say hello, as I love new friends!!

Flex Family Arts
HI!  I am Amanda, one half of the flex family arts team. My Mister (James) and I spend our time making art, checking out new music, laughing and dreaming up our next project. We have a Baby Flex who lives with us and keeps us pretty entertained and we recently got engaged!  Our blog is about our work, our lives and our love for each other. We are currently offering a Fall sale, get 20% off using the coupon code FALL2011 in both our embroidery shops and get BOGO pinback button sets in our Squidflex shop!
Chantilly Songs 
I am Chantilly, a singer-songwriter and indie fashion lover :)  I post outfits and ponder life experiences in my blog, as well as chronicle the adventure of making my next set of recordings.  I've studied music composition, toured the northeast, and released an album last year!  (You can download some of those songs for free on my bandcamp page!) 

The new record is almost finished, and right now I'm gearing up for the release.  I couldn't be prouder of what we've put to tape, and the experience has been dreamy, exciting, and rewarding.  It'll be out in the next few months... so be on the lookout!

Ghosts Waltz 
I'm Danielle, and I live on the California coast with my husband, Jose, and our two cats, Sweeney and Lily (who is actually a boy). Through drawing and painting, I like to create art that is a bit macabre, and a bit whimsical. I am inspired by classic movie monsters and silent film starlets, circuses and carnivals, mermaids, pirates, el Día de los Muertos, and my kitties. Ghosts Waltz is the little corner where I share all of my art and adventures.
Her Coffin
'Ello! My name is Jolene Frances. I'm a 27 year old visual artist, INFP, and mum-to-be (my baby girl is due October 28th!!) You will mostly find me blogging about my art, photography, family, and aesthetic inspirations. I also run an etsy shop where I make necklaces and beaded bracelets. Use coupon code OCTOBER for 10% off any item in my shop!

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