Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Halloween Adventures Guest Post by Lily of Just Because

I'm Lily, I blog over at Just Because, I've lived in Miami for 5 years, and those 5 years in Miami have been really fun in Halloween. 
Let me start by telling you how much I love Halloween!!!! I love to dress up and start acting like the character, I love to wear wigs and makeup and go out and have fun with my buddies.

I'm going to share my 3 favorite costumes I had- one of them was improvised, you'll see.. haha

 I love my purple wig so much that I had to create a Rainbow Princess character just to wear it and wear everything rainbow I had... (My socks were rainbow too btw)

For my Hit Girl costume I wore a black top with purple skirt, black leggings and black boots- I had everything in my closet. A friend lend me the black mask. 

My Snow White costume was improvised too, I made the big yellow skirt, the cape and bought a white top and dyed it blue. 

I usually know what I want to be on Halloween, but this year I have no clue.. and it's getting closer !! yikes! 


Mary: Lily, all your costumes look great. You looked so pretty as Snow White. :) I have no idea what I am going to be for Halloween yet either--I need to get on that!

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