Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Mug Shot Nameplate Guest Post by Brandy of brandy-son Zen master flash

Hi, My name is Brandy and I write for my silly blog, brandy-son Zen master flash. Here is an incredibly easy DIY on making your own mug shot for your Halloween costume or just-for-fun.

Glitter foam (it doesn't have to be glitter)
Glitter foam adhesive back alphabet letters or numbers (I bought the combo pack)
Hole punch

How To:
1. Decide what you want your nameplate to say. I chose a series of numbers so I could reuse mine for multiple costume ideas. I've seen mug shot nameplates both ways. There were a million celebrity and reality TV stars names that I came up with that I thought would be fun to use.
2. Take your black foam and cut a few inches off of the bottom of the widest side of one piece.
3. Hole punch the top corner on both ends. My foam has an adhesive back but I opted not to peel the backing off from it; keeps it sturdy.
4. Peel off the back of each white foam letter or numbers you chose and start sticking them to the black foam. I thought I would need to use glue for extra support but it turned out that my numbers were sticky enough.

5. Cut a length of yarn that would fit over your head.

6.Tie each ends of the yarn to the holes you punched through the black foam.

7. Viola! You are finished with your customized mug shot nameplate and ready to add it to your Halloween costume.

As you can see this is really easy and there a ton of ideas that you could do to make it your own. T
Thanks for reading!


Mary: What a simpler but great way to add something extra to your costume! I'm still stumped on what I'll be this year, but maybe I'll whip one of these up to help with whatever I come up with. :D

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