Monday, June 20, 2011

I.C.E.: Indie Craft Experience June 11 + 12

I.C.E. was one week ago, and as always, I had so much fun! I love the ladies that put it together every year, the other spectacular vendors...and of course-- all the lovely people that come out to see out wares! ;D

Our booth: [I shared space with Megan Maude]

Our Shenanigans: 

Megan said it looked like I was holding a bouquet
So I gave her this to work with ;)
Creepy monkey watching over our car
When we were cleaning up on Sunday I found this little ghosty c/o Ted Murphy of Spooky Toons. Now I need to find me an Evereman and Catlanta piece!

Other ICE goodness:

I've known Sarah Watts for several years now and she is an awesome awesome person. She also makes awesome illustrations. You should check her out :D
I've also known Kelly Mckernan for several years. She's a cat lover and can draw like no ones business- she even put me in one of paintings before!  winwin
I've also known Ashley from Deuce Goods for several years-I'm noticing a pattern here. ;) My fridge is covered in her magnets!
Okay, so I just recently met Colleen of Little Red Afro--whew, broke the streak! She makes adorable mini paintings [and gnomes] and we all know how I love miniature things!
Carla of Viva Greetings was our backside booth mate! She endured us trying to squeeze out of our booth [through our clothing rack] all weekend. heh Oh, and her booth? Made completely from cardboard moving boxes. I think I heard her tell someone it cost her $14 to make  awesome!
Oh hey, it's Savannah from Maie Dae! Promise I wasn't being a creeper, she knew I was taking this photo. haha
Can we say epic booth--yes we can, EPIC! Plus Savannah was a sweetheart :D 

Setting up for I.C.E. [c/o ice-atlanta]

During I.C.E. [c/o ice-atlanta]

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