Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Post: New Nails

Remember that girl that use to post blog posts around here? heh  I know I've been pretty quite around here lately--but, I'm back! My posting will start to even out again soon, I even have some posts lined up, just need to add them to the queue.

However, while I was M.I.A. I noticed I've reached 200 followers. That is so awesome! Thank you all for thinking my little corner of the web was worth sticking around for.  I'm thinking that might call for a giveaway....hmmmm ;D

To add some color to this tiny little update, here are some recent photos of my nails. I haven't been painting them much, but now that it's warm again, I have a feeling I'll want to a lot more.

You see how my big toe is a dark shade? That's not polish, that's a bruise. That covers my entire nail!
The crazy thing is--I have NO idea how that happened. :\

I was going to put glitter over all of my nails. but then decided I liked some of them just a solid mint green.

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