Monday, April 4, 2011


playing around with making more custom graphics for the blog

That's right! My blog has made it a whole year! Even though I have been blogging for several years on other platforms, I've never once celebrated a blogiversary. So, this whole week is going to be in celebration! 
What I've Got Lined Up:
-Guest Posts

I know I've been a little silent these past couple of weeks-- I actually spent all of yesterday in the emergency room. Still not 100% sure what is wrong, but I feel much better today, and I am ready to party! 

Thank you to all my readers and to the friends I've made throughout this year. Here's to many more [in both departments] ;D


  1. WOOO HOOOOOO! Your blog looks GREAT! :) Happy anniversary and can't wait to see what you have in store for this blog party. I hate to hear that you were in the emergency room! :-/ Hope you're feeling a trillion times better!

  2. Big congrats! But not on the ER part... :(

  3. YAAY!! Congrats for your blog ;D
    hope you are better now ;)

  4. Michele: Thanks to you it looks a million times better! thank you again :D I am feeling better--luckily, the pain has not resurfaced

    Tishous: Thank you :)

    Sarah: Thank you thank you!



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