Friday, April 29, 2011

Gus: Doesn't Need Another Break

These photos are some I took of Gus a couple of weeks ago to help his parents raise money for an operation he needs to have. Here's the skinny on what poor Gus has been dealing with.

- Earlier this year he was hit by a car and broke his right hind leg. Had to get a pin in his leg.

-After getting the pin removed Gus's right hind leg broke again because of a sequestrum when the original break was healing.

- Found out Gus also suffers from luxating patella in his left hind leg, which is "a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location." 

- On top of that his left hind leg has Legg-Calve-Perthes syndrome, which is a "degenerative disease of the hip joint, where growth/loss of bone mass leads to some degree of collapse of the hip joint and to deformity of the ball of the femur and the surface of the hip socket."

Gus's x-ray--notice the difference between both hip joints
So, because of the sequestrum, Gus will always have a very weak right hind leg-- with the very likely  potential of it breaking again.  Since this leg is actually the "stronger" of the two because of the conditions that plague is left hind leg, Gus must undergo surgery to have a bone graph as well as having a metal plate inserted. Amputation was considered, but again, because of his left leg being lame, surgery would wield a much better outcome for his mobility.

The surgery will cost at least $3,000.

Since it's something they can't put off for very long, Gus's parents have set-up a Paypal donation to try and raise some of that money. They also set up a Save Gus community on Facebook where they will soon be holding raffles and giveaways.  If donating is not something you are able to do, just simple keeping Gus in your thoughts or passing the word around would be amazing! Gus is a tiny dog full of love and I'm sure he would give you all a huge lick if he could! <3


  1. ohhh get well soon babe ^______^

  2. Oh, poor little Gus!!!
    Little babe really has been through the wars!
    I hope the money is raised fast!
    I've retweeted you twiiter post about this little guy

  3. Thanks, Mary! Gus loves you! <3



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