Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday: 04/15/11 Chattanooga, TN Part 2

The other part of our Chattanooga adventure was spent at the Tennessee Aquarium.  I've been to this aquarium a few times as a child, a couple on school field trips. That was all before Atlanta built the Georgia Aquarium.  WHICH--they just opened the dolphin exhibit, so I'll have to go see them this summer. :D

I wish it had been warmer so we could have played in the water areas they have built outside at the Tennessee Aquarium, although, it was still nice to have the aquarium almost all to ourselves--I hate crowds in those kind of situations!


  1. oh i love aquariums - i'm sure i'd love it there!!! fun pics!!!

  2. Thanks! You should check out both the Tennessee one and the Atlanta one if you haven't already :D



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