Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogiversary: 5 Reasons To Blog by love, elycia

Today on this lovely Friday morning I have a special guest post from Elycia! Her blog is easily one of my favorites and if you don't already follow her--you should!


Hi I'm elycia from the blog love, elycia. I am a crafty, vintage and music loving, cat lady living in a basement in Southern Ontario, Canada with my fiance and our two cats. Nice to meet you!

To celebrate Mary Rebecca's 1 year blogiversary I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things about blogging. I really love to blog and I'll tell you why...

1. Blogging challenges me creatively.
I love thinking of new things to blog about and coming up with fun projects to share.

2. Blogging encourages me to take more photos.
I love taking photos and blogging gives me a good reason to photograph everything.

3. Blogging has allowed me to meet tons of people who are so different but have so much in common with me.
I love how easy it is to connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Blog friends are the best!

4. Blogging helps me feel connected to the outside world  even if I am having a 'hermit' type of day.
There is always something to do in blog world; an awesome new find, a favourite to check out.

5. Blogging lets me talk about myself which is something I really love to do.
Haha, ok, I'm totally kidding on that last one.  I don't actually love talking about myself, it makes me uncomfortable, haha. However, I do love sharing what I'm doing and hearing about what other people are doing.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Thanks so much Mary Rebecca for asking me to join in the celebration!

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  1. well put! These are great reasons - at first I was nervous about posting too much information about myself - but it meant I wasn't really connecting with anybody when you're not really the face of your blog. So, talking about yourself is so important :)
    I love elycia's blog - so fun and inspiring.



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