Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanted Wednesday 03/09/11

Famous Objects From Classic Movies
Have you played this game yet? If you haven't--do it now! I seem to only be good at getting horror movies right.  ;x

Ten Sexy Ladies
I really enjoy Joshua Allen's writing style. This is his newest project where he rates...anything, on a scale of 1 to 10 sexy ladies.

I can't stop watching this animation.  Someone--send help! Since Stinker is a self-proclaimed box cat, I think I might just have to try this with him. Have to figure out what 'do he will be sporting. heh

Barry M Touch of Magic-Lip Paint
I have wanted to try this product for the longest time. Has anyone? Is it worth it? I want magic green to pink lips!


Matt and I have been talking about taking a small trip for Spring break and Savannah, GA is in the running. I've been there once, for about 6 hours, so any tips and knowledge about visiting would be appreciated. :D


  1. That games looks FUN! Ikea is close for sure! We should meet up. Haha. Man...I should have just held onto your giftcard and other items and gave it to you directly! SIGH. I'm for real about the meeting up though, if you're game. :) About the rain...yup, it's been POURING down here. It's recently stopped today though, thank goodness. Last's so crazy that you're mentioning Savannah! Z and I have been planning a trip down there for our one year anniversary! Neato.

  2. Michele: A meetup would be awesome but I unfortunately can't tomorrow. :( We should plan something out though!! for real for real

  3. I had similar (maybe the same?) color changing lipstick I bought at Sally's back in middle school. It was neat, but the color change results were totally unpredictable. would turn pink but sometimes super bright hot pink. Ahh!!!

  4. Jinah: I can do unpredictable! I don't have any idea what color lipstick looks good on me so that works just fine :P



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