Saturday, March 5, 2011

Parks and Recreation

I love the show Parks and Recreation. At first I didn't really get into the first couple of episodes of Season 1, but after hearing from friends that it got much better, I gave it another try. They were right--it had a rocky start, but it got SO MUCH BETTER.  My two favorite characters are Ron Swanson [Nick Offerman] and April Ludgate [Aubrey Plaza].  Totally have a girl crush on Aubrey.  

Give yourself your own Ron Swanson stache! I want to see them too ;D

Oh, and cats that look like Ron Swanson? Of course that's a Tumblr!

What are other shows you all are really enjoying right now?


  1. One thing that bothered me in the beginning about this show was that I felt like Amy Poehler looked fat. Like she purposefully gained weight for the role. Then somebody informed me that she was pregnant while filming the series. Twice. So I'm just a jerk.

  2. OH MY GOOOOD!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I've been trying to get my friends to all watch it. I'm so glad I know someone else who loves it as much as me haha. I love Ron too his lines are so classic haha. Oh and I love Rob Lowe too he's SO hilarious.

  3. Jinah: I didn't notice she was pregnant until the 2nd season. I love how her and her husband guest star on shows each other are on. aww

    Jihee: Force them to watch it! Then they will know the greatness and love you even more ;D



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