Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Weekend

This weekend was spent filled with food, adventures, and quality time with my boyfriend! Since Matt and I's anniversary falls on the 13th we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Sunday along with it and then stay in Monday evening.

 On Saturday we decided to try a new restaurant for lunch. It wasn't very good...but I'm hopefully the next place we pick will make up for it. After lunch we decided to do a bit of GeoCaching before the sun went down. If you've never heard of this it's where people hide caches [they are everywhere--all around the world!] and then give you coordinates on how to find it through a GPS device. Tiny treasure hunts! Some are just logs but the bigger caches allow you to take and leave small goodies. It's a great way to see parts of your city you would never have a reason to go to otherwise, plus I love having to be all stealthy so that the Muggles don't catch you! [that's what non-Geocachers are called]

Matt and I have already found parks we never new existed and learned some interesting history about our city. I really like the idea that I can do this while I'm traveling as well. It's a great activity if you have small children too because there are several caches created with them in mind. I highly recommend you all to check out GeoCaching if you enjoy getting outside and exploring. :D

Haha, it became cold fast when the sun went down

On Sunday we got up and did...MORE GEOCACHING!  Seriously, I'm addicted. Once we worked up an appetite we had some dinner at The Real Chow Baby.

Matt took a tiny green Sharpie from this cache.
I really liked my nails but didn't get a better picture. :\

Monday morning we woke up bright and early to go get some doughnuts at Sublime Doughnuts. Since it was Valentin's Day they were giving all the ladies a rose with their order and most of the doughnuts were heart shaped. awww

Later that day the mail came and I had two lovely Valentine cards--one from Olivia and Jenny at Lovely At Your Side and one from Danielle at Fancy Biscuit! The card at the bottom is from Matt that he handmade just for me. [based on a pet name I have. heh]

So all in all I had a fantastic Valentine's weekend!  Hope everyone had a great time as well--whether you celebrated the holiday or not. :)


  1. Is that a Meatwad card?! Aww, you guys!!

  2. Jinah: Haha--he better not call me Meatwad! But in all honesty, that's what I thought it was supposed to be first too. Matt was so into making this card he didn't even notice the resemblance. awwww

  3. so so fun.
    my dad told me about geocaching in november and then i forgot all about it until now! i think ivan and i will definitely do some this spring!!!!! (can you tell i'm excited?)

  4. Elycia: It really is so much fun! I'm saving some caches for the warmer weather too because the areas will be filled with flowers :D



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