Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome Home + Colonel Augustus Darwin Fink-Nottle

I'm back! I'm back! For the past several months the house I rent a space in has been undergoing some pretty drastic renovations. Tearing up floors, stripping years of paint, ripping down horrible popcorn ceilings, laying lots of new tile, and lots and lots of painting! With all that work came a truckload of dust and nasty fumes--so my sinuses said "GET OUT--GET OUT NOW!"...and I did. [<3 <3 for a great boyfriend that took me in]

But I'm back and I'm trying to get my room into some kind of working order. I just tonight plugged in my computer and I've been home for 3 days now. :X I'm happy to have all my stuff all in one location again. I felt like I had been living out of a suitcase...that apparently mated while I was gone because I brought a lot more stuff back in than I remember bringing out!

Which leads me to a new fur monster that might be making more appearances now that I'm home.  My housemates have a poodle named Gus [or Colonel Augustus Darwin Fink-Nottle if you're long-winded] and unfortunately for him his first public photo on my blog is him in his CONE OF SHAME!

Promise there's a dog in there!
Poor little Gus was hit by a car on Wednesday and broke one of his hind-legs. :( He had surgery on Friday so they could put a pin in his leg and now he gets to sport the cone so he won't bother the stitches.  Gus is a pretty fancy dog so there have been rumors of his cone getting a decorative face-lift- I'll post pictures if that happens.

Alright--back to organizing!

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  1. Glad you're back. Just thinking about the fumes makes my allergies want to act up too hahah. That is an adorable doggie! Wishing you a wonderful Monday. :)



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