Monday, January 17, 2011

Minature Food

Does anyone remember when the Micheal's Arts and Crafts stores had an aisle for dollhouses? As a child that was my favorite aisle because I loved looking into all the cut-away houses and was fascinated by all the miniature items you could buy to furnish them. I think the miniature food items were the most interesting to me and I still love looking at them!

So cute! I love the realistic texture on the cake.  (Source)

Mmmm, lox sandwich! (Source)
Look at the detail! Plus these are actually earrings :D (Source)
Fried chicken and fries...can you tell I'm hungry?  (Source)
The detail is insane. Also, this one is a necklace! (Source)
I have been craving a caramel apple since the Fall and never did get one. :\  (Source)
I have a sweet tooth. (Source)


  1. Oh my gosh these look so real enough to eat! haha.

  2. Those are crazy!!

    I remember having a tiny little thanksgiving turkey. Barbie ate it in her condo/office.

  3. Jihee- Don't they!? It made me so hungry. heh

    Ashley- Haha, that's cute. I always lost Barbie's tiny little food items! :\

  4. Ahh I love miniatures, too! I'm 24 and I still want a dollhouse just so I can pack it with little tiny furniture and food.

  5. Rhiannon- Maybe if I ever have children I'll get a dollhouse for them so I can secretly enjoy furnishing it! ;D



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