Monday, January 31, 2011

Bring back Spring! pt2

Sunday ended up being just as nice as Saturday! I took an unexpected trip to my Aunt's house and took a quite a few photos with my phone since I didn't have my camera on me. Luckily, I have several photo apps on my phone. ;)

This is Bell--she's pretty awesome. [and has one ice-blue eye] Future pets I'd like: a Boston terrier, a Pug, and a Dachshund.

My aunt and her husband also have two donkeys and a horse [it might be a mule though]. The two donkeys are very pregnant, you can tell a bit in the bottom photo.

Told you it was nice weather--short sleeves and no jacket! You also get a hint of one of my new necklaces I've made. :)

This image was actually taken at my mother's house.  This face has been on this tree for several years but within the past year the nose has fallen off making it even creepier than it already was. The nose just lays at the base of the tree now.

Then of course today was cold and rainy. :(


  1. Great pics! I would LOVE to have a Daschund some day!!

  2. Sarah B. - Thank you! Dachshunds are so cute and there are so many people around me that have them--color me jealous. :P



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