Sunday, November 28, 2010

Early New Years Resolution

...and she's back! I haven't posted in this blog for nearly 5 months and I really want to change that.  When I started I really had no focus on what I wanted to put in here but now I do. It's going to be a far cry from just pictures of my tent at craft shows. ;)

I think I will start at one post a week and then work up from there. Seems to be very doable. I used to write posts all the day long just a few years back--we'll see what happens!

:press start:

So yesterday my friend Megan Maude and I braved the sudden cold to check out the Sanrio Small Gift Mobile Pop-Up Shop Tour. I was afraid it being the day after Black Friday that there would be a huge mob but luckily there were only tiny lines for both the shop and getting a picture with Hello Kitty!

We couldn't wait to get our picture taken with Hello Kitty!

I love that this huge truck was covered in Sanrio! Even the head rests were Hello Kitty!

I love that we both got huge Hello Kitty head bows! 
 Since we both purchased something we got coupons to also get a free box of Hello Kitty band aids at a local Target--which there happened to be one right next door!

If the Sanrio shop didn't pop up near you and you still want a bow you can purchase them at the creator's site Chubby Bunny or get them on Sanrio [but they are currently out of stock on there]
Did I mention the bow comes in PINK too?!  ;)


  1. Everything was adorable! Thank you :D

  2. I can't get enough of seeing that Sanrio Truck! I went to Sanrio's "Small Gift" event in Los Angeles and I was pretty much in heaven.

  3. Here's the post I made if you're interested!

  4. hehe this post is so awesome!
    i loved hello kitty in jr high - and im loving her all over again.

    still loving that hello kitty bow!



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